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ไพรรีพินาศ ป่ามรณะ
ไพรรีพินาศ ป่ามรณะ

Year: 2006

Thai title: ไพรรีพินาศ ป่ามรณะ
English title: Vengeance

Rating: 3/5

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Main actress:

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Two adults and one young boy are running inside the jungle. They are carrying a sacred talisman. They have to leave behind the injured father in the jungle as a mysterious threat is chasing them. Twenty years later, a robber (โจร) is captured by the police. His teammates decide to hide in a forest close to the Burmese border. Mot, who was the young boy, is now a new Police inspector (นายตำรวจมือใหม่). They get shelter in a Buddhist temple close to the forest. The abbot is supposed to know ways to master special powers (อำนาจพิเศษ ). At night time, the four robbers kill the abbot and steal the sacred talisman, which was under the abbot protection. The police chases them in the jungle forest. The villager guide refuses to enter the sacred forest. The policemen and a few villagers decide to continue but they face fantastic animals and spirits in the forest. Deadly flies kill two ruffians. Guardian spirits of the forest (เจ้าป่า), similar to Kinnaree (กินรี), try to seduce the men. One villager is killed. Two ladies, Sri On and her sister, come from nowhere to rescue them. Voracious small crocodiles kill some policemen and villagers. A giant snake (พยานาค) appears. Mot defeats the giant snake with a sacred knife given by the monk. They reach the village of the mysterious ethnicity from where Sri On and her sister are coming from. The villagers need to kill them as they are coming from the city (เมือง). Sri On decides to warn Mot and betrays (ทรยศ) her village. At night time the forest villagers become vampires. Another giant snake wipes the vampires away. This movie mixes so many kinds of supernatural creatures (deadly flies, vampires, voracious small crocodiles, giant snakes, guardian spirits of the forest) with intensive CGI. Finally the movie ends with a classical theme of going back in the past to change the future. Mot uses the sacred talisman to go back in the past to prevent all these deaths. He comes back when his father was running inside the jungle. While trying to take away the talisman, he stabs his father so causing his own disappearance. Future cannot be changed.

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