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Year: 1995

Thai title: ฉีกป่าล่าคน
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Chatchai Plengpanich,Ron Rittichai
Main actress:

Meuk (Chatchai Plengpanich) was fed up with city life (คนเมือง) so moved to live in the jungle in a mountain village. He married a local mountain girl and has one child. Some Bangkokian people come to the forest to have fun and to hunt wild animals. They damage the forest (ทำให้ป่าเดือดร้อน) as they use powerful weapons and have fun by abusing mountain people girls. Meuk goes to the city. When he comes back, his wife has disappeared. He finds her dead raped body. He wishes to revenge against the city people who ruins his life. The Bangkokian people are stopped by forest rangers due to illegal poaching but are released. It shows the inefficiency of rangers to fight against poachers. One of the Bangkokian poacher Sak is hit by an arrow. Solidarity inside the group starts to dissolve. Another man is hit by three arrows and following a misunderstanding is killed by his colleagues. Instead of being hunters, they become hunted by Meuk. One by one the poachers are killed. They reach their pick truck and flee but get lost in the forest. They can stand such situation and are only saved as the rangers car arrives on time. Meuk is injured two times and falls from a waterfall. They all behave same as animals and try to kill each other. Meuk has to kill the two rangers as they are interfering despite being told they shall not involve. The movie ends tragically as Meuk is shot by another mountain villager. The shooting takes place in beautiful Sayok waterfalls. This movie raises a few topics related to the forest destruction, impunity of poachers, lack of respect of mountain / forest villagers.

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