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Year: 1991

Thai title: มือขวาอาถรรพ์
English title: Gold Fist

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Panna Rittikrai,Sompop Wong Ko
Main actress: Phetrat Srikaew

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Thai movie มือขวาอาถรรพ์ / Gold Fist was released in year 1991. Pan (Panna Rittikrai) and Wan (Sompop Wong Ko - สมภพ วงศ์ก่อ) are waiting and armed with guns. A trap is prepared to catch an armed convoy. A man with a gold fist (Sombat Methanee) wishes to get a special jewel transported. Ann's father is killed while protecting the jewel against robbery. Sombat needs to gather two emeralds (มรกต) to get special power. Ann wishes to revenge her father. Meanwhile ruffians attack a village where a traditional dance performance is happening. A young girl is kidnapped. During a pagan ceremony, she is stabbed by the leader Sombat to get her pure blood. Policewoman (Phetrat Srikaew) and ผู้คง Ton are sent to investigate on this case. Ann and her team are also looking for people having a gold fist. Being attacked, Ann gets help from Ton. Having located Pan and Wan, June and Denise play the silly tourists in order to be brought to Kanchanaburi. Champ (สามารถ พยัคฆ์อรุณ), a Thai boxer, is joining the group. The leader needs virgins (สาวพรหมจารี) to have pure blood and release the power from the two emeralds. Their attack to kidnap a young lady fails so they capture the policewoman by default. The two foreigners June and Denise are also kidnapped. Denise succeeds to escape and join other teammates chasing the ruffians. The ceremony (ทำพิธี) shall happen soon so the group has to rush in order to release June before she is stabbed by the leader with a gold fist...This movie features Thai actors / actresses (Panna Rittikrai, Sombat Methanee, สามารถ พยัคฆ์อรุณ, Phetrat Srikaew, เวย์น ฟอลโคเนอร์) and also American actors / actresses (Bobby Sands, Josette Prevost, Leslie Horan, Nancy Black, Corrine Foster) so certainly to appeal to both Thai domestic market and overseas market. It was Miss Thailand Phetrat Srikaew (เพชรรัตน์ ศรีแก้ว) ’s first movie.

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