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Year: 2010

Thai title: ดวงอันตราย
English title: Pop Star

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Nirut Sirijanya
Main actress: Bongkoj Kongmalai

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Thai movie ดวงอันตราย Pop Star was released in year 2010. It is available under VCD format. The movie lasts 81 mn. Nirut Sirijanya is the father and manager of a famous Thai singer called Jay. Noui (Bongkoj Kongmalai) is the assistant and the father's mistress. Noui has a child with Jay's father. Jay stopped his career for two years as his mother got suicide. He is now back to Thailand with an album full of English songs. His father always pushes him. Jay still didn't fully recover from the shock and keeps eating medicine for sleeping and crisis management. His father is very happy that they secure a 1M Baht deal. He is less worried about his son's sickness... The medicine causes Jay to have visions and nightmares. Hearing noise in his room, he is about to hit with a baseball bat an intruder. This intruder is his father coming home drunk. Before he can hit anybody, his father falls by himself from the stairs and breaks his neck. Jay falls asleep. In the morning, he believes he kills his own father. Hiding the corpse, he decides to lie to everybody. He seals the room's door, puts flowers in the room, increases the air conditioning cold temperature to prevent any bad smell. Started being out of medicine, Jay has difficulty to control himself. Noui is also under strong pressure from her mother as she keeps asking for money. The mother pushes her daughter to divorce as anyway Jay's father never took good care of her and her child. น้อง Pae is in fact Jay’s daughter. Jay kills both Pae and Noui as they found the body of the father in the hotel room. In fact, Noui was aware of the father’s death but looking for her daughter caused her demise. A หมอดู told her to be careful… Jay tries to continue his professional life same as usual, but he is finally arrested as a domestic helper finds the bodies while cleaning the room.

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