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Year: 2010

Thai title: ใคร.....ในห้อง
English title: Who Are You?

Rating: 4/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Sinjai Hongthai

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Nida is single forty years old mum. She is selling VCD at a night market. One night she brings a customer (ลูกค้า) to her home. She tells him that her teenager son, Ton, is staying in his room for 5 years without going out. On the other side of the street, a young teenager girl, Parn, is living with her mother. The mother has never time for Parn as she has a new boyfriend. Nida often visits a mystic medium (อาจารย์), who helps people to discover who they are through meditation (สมาธิ). She convinces her followers to believe in their inner force (ดูพลัง) and to think positively. Her followers shall believe that things can become true though the power of the mind (อำนาจพลังจิต). Teen are living in their world with games and internet. Nida's customer believes Ton has a Japanese own world syndrome (โลกของเขา). The customer, who is working for a TV program, wishes to meet Ton and to have him go out of his room. Ton only talks to his mother through small papers slipped under his room's door. He wishes to kill himself if somebody enters in his room. The customer is killed savagely by Ton. Ton's head cannot be seen. Parn cannot easily go out also as she cannot stand external bacteria (แพ้อากาศ). One day Nida meets Parn and convinces her to use her mind power to fight her allergy. Nida's husband died already. Ton's father was a hunter. Ton only played games. The father didn't want to hinder his son. The father was having an affair and hit Nida. Following a fight she shot him. She still has visions. The mystery about Ton erupts curiosity from the street (ซอย). A man trying to peep in his room is killed. At same time Parn assists to the death but cannot see who is in the room. The next day Parn has to go out to get her cat, which is trapped inside Ton's house. She escalates the gate and enters inside. The reality is then discovered. Nida's husband is not dead. They fought about Ton's custody (ลูกต้องอยู่กับกู). A lost bullet was shot. Ton was hit and died. Ton was only alive through Nida's power of the mind. This thriller movie has a strong influence from Japanese manga.

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