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Year: 2009

Thai title: เฉือน
English title: Slice

Rating: 5/5
Director: Kongkiat Khomsiri

Main actor: Chatchai Plengpanich
Main actress:

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A foreigner, taking a young boy to his hotel room, is mysteriously killed by a man wearing a red cape. The body is found in a red suitcase. Police is investigating. Noi is a young beautiful lady. Her boyfriend, Tai, is in jail. Tai sometimes kills people in the jail compound to get money to support Noi. A second murder involves a middle age man bringing an university student at his home. The corpse is put in a red suitcase again. The police has no clues to progress. According to a psychanalist who did interview Tai, Tai seems to be linked to the mysterious murderer. Pa, a policeman, proposes an agreement to Tai, i.e. an earlier release versus the help to catch the murderer. It seems that the murders are linked to people having perverse behavior only. The killer then goes into a gay club and performs a killing rampage. Tai and Pa have a weird relationship. Tai was an undercover cop used by Pa to perform bad and unofficial tasks. A last task turned bad and Tai ended in prison. Following the agreement, Tai exits from the prison and has 15 days to catch the killer. If he failed, he will be back to prison and will never see Noi again (หนูตัวประกัน). Tai goes back to his hometown where he spent his youth with good friends. Tai is especially looking for his old friend Nut. Nut wished to do everything to be accepted by the local group of friends (ลูกน้อง). As he was gay, he was rejected. Finally Tai protected him. One of the victims is a former teacher who raped Nut. Tai and Nut became friends. Nut was the son of a prostitute and had a harsh life. He lived with a man, who was not his real father, and was raped frequently. One night Tai tried to helps Nut. Nut stabbed the man so they had to flee and reached Pattaya. Nut had often crisis. A local pimp tried to push them towards sex customers. One night Tai got angry with Nut as he tried to embrace him. He hit him. Nut was then kidnapped by the local pimp and put in a red suitcase. Tai and Nut were separated. Following his enquiry on Nut, Tai finds that Nut worked in a gay club (where the killing rampage happened) and was named Katoey Nat following a surgery. Wishing to know his new face, Tai finds that Nut is now Noi! Meanwhile Noi kills the policeman Pa as he tries to rape her. Noi and Tai meet each other at their youth place. As police is coming, Noi asks Tai to free her from this world...

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