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เมมโมรี่ รักหลอน
เมมโมรี่ รักหลอน

Year: 2008

Thai title: เมมโมรี่ รักหลอน
English title: Memory Love Haunt

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Ananda Everingham
Main actress: Mai Charoeunpura

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A policeman calls his friend and doctor Krit (Ananda Everingham) to investigate on a weird case. Prae, 8 years old girl, claims she can see ghosts. One ghost is always frightening her but her mother, Ingorn (Mai Charoeunpura) believes it is only dreams that will disappear. Krit is specialized in difficult cases and psychic issues. He is puzzled by the bruises on Prae body. The doctor has lost his daughter before also and sometimes indulge in alcohol. He doesn't talk a lot to his wife being focus only on his job. Ingorn doesn't bring her daughter to school to avoid remarks on her daughter madness. She has quit her husband before as he was very violent. The doctor is worried Prae could hurt herself. He visits her at her home. She has scars on the face. When she does a drawing, there is Prae and her mother but also another small child in the house. The doctor starts to have visions also, seeing Ingorn face instead of his wife face. He is seeing a child being smashed by a car. He starts to be very close to Ingorn and Prae. He has finally a relationship with Ingorn. It seems that Ingorn has a relationship problem with men and she forbids her daughter to see any boy. Her own problems reflects in her daughter problems. The doctor decides to bring Prae to the hospital but Ingorn poisons him before. His wife quits Krit. Krit finds Ingorn again. Krit is really wishing to help Ingorn but she refuses any help and doesn't trust anybody. Up to the point, she prefers to die instead of having somebody else taking care of her daughter. Main actress is famous Thai pop singer Mai Charoeunpura.

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