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13 เกมสยอง
13 เกมสยอง

Year: 2006

Thai title: 13 เกมสยอง
English title: 13 Beloved

Rating: 5/5
Director: Chookiat Sakweerakul

Main actor: Krissada Sukosol,Saranyu Wongkrachang
Main actress:

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Chit is a busy sales guy but his performance is not good. He cannot reimburse his car (his car plate has number 13) as his sales drop. One of his colleague, Pramee, steals his customers as Chit is too slow. His boss fires him as the company is going online so there is a need for less Sales people. Only a young lady called Tong is his friend in this company. Chit has debts. His mother is asking for money. He lies to his mum regarding his financial problems. He receives a phone call from an unknown number. It is a call regarding playing games to win big cash prize. As Chit has debts, he accepts to play but has to follow strict rules (he shall not disclose that he is playing a game). First game is easy. Just got 10 000 baht by crushing a fly with a newspaper (it is worth to note that there is Thaksin Shinawatra picture on the newspaper and his face is crashed against the wall!). Second game is to eat the fly to win 50 000 baht. The final prize is 100 millions baht but there are still 11 games to perform. If one game is lost then the whole money amount is lost. Next game is to make three children cry (the games are related to Chit's own childhood). Then Chit shall steal money from a beggar. Then Chit shall eat special food, i.e. shit, in a Chinese restaurant (he used to insult other people in the past - ฝรั่งขี้นก). Then he shall worship a crazy man. At 13:13 the crazy man announced God shall come (พระเจ้าจะมา) so Chit enters a bus arriving at that time. Chit has arguments with bus passengers regarding a mobile phone and gets beaten. He needs to pay respect (ไหว้) to a ruffian's feet to get it back so starts to lose self-esteem to accept such degrading act. It degenerates to a deadly and bloody fight as Chit almost kills one guy to get the phone. He is now under high stress and accepts to do anything. During next game, he needs to retrieve a dead elderly man, who falls in an indoor wishing well (In modern society people are neglecting their elder parents) and announce the bad news to his family. The relatives were living in a house close to the father but didn't visit him. He then meets his former girlfriend Maew, who wants to become a famous singer. She has a new boyfriend called Chaleum. For the 8th game Chit needs to beat somebody, who has number 8 on his vest. Chaleum has a number 8 on his vest... Due to jealousy over Maew, Chit beats deeply Chaleum. Realizing his acts, he hits again a taxi driver to bring Chaleum to hospital. Meanwhile his crazy actions are shown on TV news and a police inspector (สารวัตร)is chasing him (ผู้ร้าย). His friend Tong, puzzled by his behavior, finds a mysterious website and starts to make the link with Chit's weird acts. He reaches the hospital, needs to find assistant and to avoid the police. He finds an old lady in room 805 then escapes as he removes glasses and pushes the old lady in wheelchair. He needs to follow up the old lady where she wishes to go. By helping the old lady, he puts a thread over a road causing the death of many teens, racing on their motorbike, through decapitation. Tong finds him and asks him to surrender (มอบตัว). He is already crazy. He needs to grab sword and decides to kill Tong or her dog to stop them interfering in the game. Still having a little bit of humanity, he only kills the dog. He continues the rampage by killing a cow and cutting her guts. He is still followed by Tong. Finally Tong discovers it is an online game encouraging people to forget reality and go beyond convenances. For the last game Chit needs to kill his father, who was brutal with him during his childhood. He now behaves same as his father now. Despite the hate between the father and the son, Chit prefers to lose (ยอมแพ้). The winner is the father who kills his son, Chit. This movie got many overseas awards. It emphazises modern societies where there is less morality and more egoism, self-centerism.

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