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Year: 1990

Thai title: แรงฤทธิ์พิษสวาท
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Yuranan PamornMontri
Main actress: Passorn Boonyakiat,Chamaiporn Jaturaput

Narit and Pat are a happy family with one daughter. They have a trip to Pattaya. There Narit meets Jenjira, a lonely beautiful young girl. Narit is doing commercial advertisements. As looking for a model for sport car advertisement, he meets Jenjira again. She seduces him. He starts to party. He was a good husband but starts to misbehave. Jenjira never had a father and her mother died when she was 12. Jenjira is too possessive and crazy. She hurts herself in order that Narit stays longer and takes care about her. Narit and Pat move to a new home. Jenjira wants to see Narit again but he prefers to break up in order to focus on his family and job. Jenjira is heart broken. She starts to call at his home. She announces that she is pregnant and that she will keep the baby. Jenjira shows up at Narit's apartment, which is for sale, and meets his wife feigning interest as a buyer. She blames Narit for having no responsability same as her father. She puts a snake inside their daughter's bird cage. Narit has to say the truth about Jenjira to Pat. Jenjira kidnaps their daughter O but finally releases her. Pat is hurt by a car. Jenjira starts to be violent and try to kill Narit as she is afraid to lose him to Pat. Through a final confrontation, Pat has to shot Jenjira in self-defense. It is the Thai remake of Fatal Attraction with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close.

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