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Year: 1987

Thai title: ตะวันเพลิง
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Kom Akadej

Main actor: Chatchai Plengpanich,Yuranan PamornMontri,Bin Banleurit
Main actress: Marsha

Thai movie ตะวันเพลิง was released in year 1987 and lasts around 1h44mn. Movie is available under VHS format. Movie director is Kom Akadej. Vin (Chatchai Plengpanich) is a hunter group leader. They hire Chon as a driver but Chon (Bin Banleurit) is upset with the hunters’ behavior as they shoot cattle. Young lady Rung Tawan (Marsha), owner of a ranch and raising cattle, is leaving alone. Patana (Yuranan PamornMontri) is her former husband and business partner but they split. Patana is alcoholic and useless. Rung Tawan finds that people went on her domain as she finds beer cans, cigarette packets and one cattle was killed. Police is not helping. She suspects a group of hunters led by Vin. She has strong arguments with them as she asks for compensation. No weapons are found in their car as they were hidden in their camp. Following a car chase with Rung Tawan, one ruffian is slightly hurt so they take revenge by putting snakes and mice in her home. But one of the hunters wants a bigger revenge. Chon tries to calm them down but to no avail. So at nighttime, they use fireworks to frighten her and break her windows. She runs away but they chase her by motorbike. Chon rescues her. On the next day, Patana is surprised to find Chon being at Rung Tawan's side. Being drunk, he did not help and is now jealous. Hunters chase her again and try to rape her. Patana takes a rifle but as he is shaking and is afraid, he flees away. Hopefully, Chon helps Rung Tawan again. Rung Tawan slaps Patana for being a useless drunkard and coward. Hunters are upset by Chon's behavior. Vin's girlfriend tries to entice Chon by provoking him. Being upset, Vin has a fight one to one with Chon. Chon is chased from the group and has to leave his knife, shoes behind per Vin's threat. Rung Tawan, taking her rifle, storms the hunters’ camp. Shooting occurs. Rung Tawan shoots their car tank reservoir and it explodes. She flees away. Chased by hunters, she gets help from Chon. They get split inside a hangar. Police announces that the hunters left the area. Patana tries to stop drinking alcohol and finally succeeds. Chon is back and Rung Tawan takes care of him as he is weak. Rung Tawan has to choose between Chon and Patana. Hunters are back (คิดบัญชี). Epic final fighting does occur between Chon, Rung Tawan, Patana and the ruffians led by Vin...

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