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Year: 1963

Thai title: มือเสือ
English title: The Black Panther of Ratana

Rating: 3/5
Director: Tae Prakardwutthisan

Main actor: Sawin Sawangrat,Sukon Koewliam, Dokdin Kanyaman, Adinan Singhiran,Op Boonthit,Phirapon Piyawan
Main actress: Mom Chan Phuangwan

LaRoche and two Thai men steal a diamond encrusted in a sacred Buddha statue head. LaRoche betrays the Thai men and leaves them to their fate while keeping the diamond for himself. During the troupe review army day by the King of Thailand, Bradberry, mine expert, is asked to go to South of Thailand. Mr Chang (Op Boonthit), owner of a mine in South Thailand, wishes to retire. Larry Flinch, working in the mine, is a drunkard and is fired by Mr Chang. Very soon, Mr Chang seems to have been attacked by a panther and dies. Roller is the new chief of operations. Monk (Sawin Sawangrat) has arguments with Larry. Monk and Larry shall meet in Silver Moon bar. Larry meets there a sexy lady called Eva and a fight erupts. Monk is found dead being killed by a black panther also. Jack Roller plans to sell the tin mine to go back to Europe so the buyer is sending an inspector, Mr Bradberry. Nicole Anderson is a doctor in a Catholic mission led by Father Antonio. Madeleine is Jack's girlfriend and had introduced him to Mr Chang. A Thai man, the second complice in the burglary is also killed. Father Antonio is also killed. Bradberry and Nicole believe those four murders are linked. Who is the killer? Larry? Roller? After his tests, the mine purity is deemed not so good so Bradberry refuses to sign the buying contract. Veteran actor Thai Akom Mokaranondha is also playing in this movie. Roller kidnaps Nicole to force Bradberry to sign the papers. Roller and LaRoche are in fact the same man. Larry helps them but LaRoche succeeds to flee. Finally LaRoche is arrested by the police led by Eva while trying to pocket the mine selling. The Black Panther of Ratana (มือสือ) is a Thai co production with Germany and was released in year 1963. It was a joint effort between Tae Prakardwutthisan and German Hans Berthel. For the release in Thailand a special scene was added in the movie, i.e. around 16 minutes of songs and featuring a few famous singers and comic actors in Thailand (Sukon Koewliam, Dokdin Kanyaman, Adinan Singhiran, Mom Chan - หม่อมชั้น). Movie is lasting 1h27mn and the additional Thai sequence is 16mn37s. It is a lost movie in Thailand but it can still be purchased overseas.

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