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บุญชู จะอยู่ในใจเสมอ
บุญชู จะอยู่ในใจเสมอ

Year: 2010

Thai title: บุญชู จะอยู่ในใจเสมอ
English title: Boonchoo 10

Rating: 4/5
Director: Kiet Kijcharouen

Main actor: Santisuk Promsiri,Kiet Kijcharouen
Main actress: Jintara Sookkapat

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It is opus 10 regarding Boonchu saga. Unfortunately director Bandit Ritthakol just died in 2009 when doing the movie pre-production so Kiet Kijcharouen has directed this movie. Boonchoke is going to Chiang Mai to study to university. His parents, Boonchu and Mo, let him go alone so that he can acquire more independence. He meets a lovely girl called Khun Chahom. He is sharing a flat with a new friend called Mor. Mor teaches Boonchoke what is correct or not when talking to ladies. Mo is two months pregnant but doesn't say to Boonchu as she is afraid he will not let her visit their son in Chiang Mai. Meanwhile Boonchu and his friends head to Chiang Mai. On the way they meet the same restaurant owner present in all previous movies opus. Director Kiet Kijcharouen’s talent is to handle well the gags and they are not seen as a patchwork of assembled jokes often seen in some other modern Thai comedies. Boonchu visits Chiang Mai night market with his friends but his wallet is stolen. The owner has some “Ong Bak” skills so he can avoid being caught. Finally a young and mysterious lady helps to catch him and gives back his wallet to Boonchu. Boonchu and Mo cannot meet Boonchoke on the following day as he has gone hiking in the forest with his friend Mor. They face some wild animal smugglers. Luckily a young lady called Champa help them. They release the animals. She is Chahom's sister and is also the one who helped Boonchu. Captured by the smugglers, they succeed to escape and meet again Boonchoke’s parents. On the following day Champa learns that the smugglers plan to cut an one hundred years tree in the forest. She decide to oppose again. Boonchu and his son go also as Champa helped them before. During the arguments (Thai generations heritage protection versus immediate money) with the ruffians, Boonchu is shot in the chest. A sad song of life is played (คนดีของไทย) as Boonchu is seriously injured. The movie finally ends happily, i.e. the tree is saved, ruffians captured, Boonchu recovers and is very happy to learn that he is going to be a father a second time. As usual with Boonchu movies, there are many good feelings and messages regarding environment in this last opus.

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