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Year: 1986

Thai title: ปลื้ม
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Thanit Jitnukul

Main actor: Billy Ogan
Main actress: Pen Pisut

Pleum is a teen comedy and romantic movie. It involves many male characters such as Beng, Nat, Duang (ด้วง), Somchai and a few female characters such as Ah, Parn, Fon (น้ำฝน). Waen's friends bring him for a last surprise party as he is going abroad. All remaining friends move to a new house. They have concern that the house is haunted. The rent is cheap as it is an old house. The teens experience life in community. The boys try seduction games with girls but it is a failure (ไม่กล้า). Nat tries to be Parn’s boyfriend (แฟน). Friends help each other and give hints to succeed. Somchai is trying with Fon (จีบผู้หญิง) but he is too timid (ปิ๊งๆผู้หญิง). Jealousy and misunderstanding happens between Nat and Parn. Somchai needs to fight Fon's boyfriend through a Thai boxing fight to win Fon. Fon's presence dynamizes Somchai to win the match. Nat and Parn finally also reconcile. It is a good mood movie with modern 1980s songs and a succession of funny gags even if there is a lack of real scenario. This movie got success in 1980s thanks also to the song ตัดใจไม่ลง. The movie made 10M baht at the box office and got a best director award in Thai cinema ceremonies (รางวัลสุพรรณหงส์ทองคำ). It is the second part of Thai movie “ซึมน้อยหน่อย... กะล่อนมากหน่อย” which includes only new actors so new faces! So it was a new kind of comedy style for 1980s teens including jokes (หน้าแตก), language shortcuts, songs style teen public was used to. Many other similar teens movies followed up this trend but they were not as successful.

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