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18 กะรัต
18 กะรัต

Year: 1985

Thai title: 18 กะรัต
English title: 18 carats

Rating: 2/5
Director: ศุภักษร

Main actor:
Main actress:

18 carats is a Thai Teen (วัยรุ่น) movie regarding love emerging between students in their university. Many artists from company นิธิทัศน์ Promotion joined the "18 carats" project. Singers such as ไก่ or สุเทพ were coming from different bands and sang duo songs (เพลงคู่). Three music albums were released in 1985. All the artists involved in this three albums project then participated to the movie "18 carats" featuring the best songs. ใจเธอใจฉัน (your heart - my heart) remains the most famous song and was even featured again in the 2003 movie แฟนฉัน (My Girl). The movie highlights friendship and teen love (ความรัก, รักกัน, ชอบกัน, คู่รักกัน, แฟน, น่ารัก). A group of male friends try to seduce a group of female friends. So various technics, jokes and romances happen (ผู้ชายปากหมาทุกคน, ต้องกล้า). This movie is similar to a Bollywood movie as many songs are featured but actors have no dubbing skills when singing.

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