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Year: 1985

Thai title: ผีเสื้อและดอกไม้
English title: Butterfly and Flowers

Rating: 5/5
Director: Euthana Mukdasanit

Main actor: Suchao Pongwilai
Main actress: Duangjai Hathaikarn

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This movie is focusing on a poor Muslim community in South of Thailand close by the Malaysian border. A teenager boy, called Huyan, has to sell ice cream to help his father as his father is not rich enough to pay education for his three children. His teacher and his best friend, a girl called Mimpi, are sorry about this decision. The teacher asks Huyan to continue to pass this year exams as education is important for his future. He can sell ice creams in the school thanks to the teacher kindness. Huyan has one smaller brother and sister. He has no mother any more. Business competition is hard as other ice cream vendors have bicycles to go from one place to another but Huyan needs to walk. Her friend Mimpi goes to Malaysia but promises to come back. Everyday Huyan waits at the train station hoping for her return. He finally sees and goes to the Malaysian border with her as he forgot to exit the train. During the trip, Huyan meets other youngsters making a living by smuggling rice. Meanwhile his father is looking for him and gets hit by a train. He is disabled and cannot work anymore. The son has remorse. He has to take responsibility of the whole family. There is a swift change from the school protected environment to adult responsibilities. He helps to smuggle rice between Malaisia and Thailand. It is illegal as no taxes are paid on the rice. He has no choice based on family survival necessity (ความจำเป็น). To escape controllers, he has to go on top of the train wagons where youngsters risk their live if they fall. He has also to run away to escape the police. But he gets money and can send back his brother and sister to school. Following the tragic death of his friend, he decides to stop doing this illegal business and to sell flowers. Movie Butterfly and Flowers got Best Picture from the Hawaii Film Festival in 1986. It made only 5 millions baht in Thailand, most of that in Bangkok. This movie is part of the first 25 films heritage list announced on October 4 2011, which is Thai Movies Conservation Day.

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