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Year: 1984

Thai title: ถามหาความรัก
English title: Ask for love

Rating: 5/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Pissamai Wilaisak

Movie “ถามหาความรัก” relates to the difficult teen period. Axsara, young lady, decides to change her clothing style and she is not accepted in school anymore as an uniform is requested. Teens have feelings that adults don't understand and don't listen to them. Axsara's father has no time for her and her new stepmother doesn't like her. Axsara meets poor teens stealing to make a living. Dao, another young female student, is close friend with Axsara. Dao hears a conversation saying she is not the real child of her parents and about an aunt asking her mother to beware about heritage. She feels hurt and sad. Axsara makes Dao to change a lot, i.e. go to disco, wear daring clothes and challenge her parents. Axsara's father gives her room away to his new wife's family. Disappointed by this decision, Axsara decides to quit the home and invites Dao to join her. Dao's parents give 50 000 baht reward to who will bring their daughter back. Sat, an ugly pushing detective, proposes help to Dao's parents for 100 000 baht and expenses. Axsara and Dao take refuge in poor teens' home selling and repairing second hand products. Dao wishes to meet her real mum. As the police captures most of the pickpockets gang, they flee to Chiang Mai to find Dao's mother. Sat is following them closely. Axsara’s father recognizes his mistakes and to have given only love (ความรัก) and no warmth (ความอบอุ่น). Axsara and Dao need to find a job to survive in Chiang Mai. Axsara cannot stand this situation anymore as it hurts her mindset (จิตใจ) and body (ร่างกาย). She wants to go back to Bangkok. Finally Dao is the strongest one not bending in front of adversity. Dao finally finds her mother who is a mamasan in a brothel. The pure love (ความรักบริสุทธิ์) she was dreaming of is ironic. Dao's real mother rejects her as Dao's birth is an accident with a short time customer and she is not a wanted child. She is just a shit she rejected at birth. Finally Dao understands who really loves her so she wants to go back to Bangkok to stay with her adoptive parents. For Sat, people are money only as he has no feelings. Finally Sat brings her back but he refuses any money from Dao's parents as Dao was the one to decide to go home. Sat starts to understand feelings now. Famous Thai group Carabao’s songs and music are used in this movie soundtrack as this band symbolizes rebellion against establishment. This teen movie gives a lot of interesting messages about parents education.

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