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Year: 1978

Thai title: ชื่นชุลมุน
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Piak Poster

Main actor: Phairoj Sangwaribut,Somkuan Krajangsat
Main actress: Lalana Sulawan

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This movie is the third part of the movie serie "Wai On-la-won" (วัยอลวน). O (โอ๋) and Tam (ตั้ม) are now a happy married couple. O's father gets convinced to participate in a bus company business and has to buy shares. He needs to pay 200 000 baht. Tam is a nice husband but still likes to flirt with ladies and go for lunch with them. Sometimes he has a party with friends and his monthly salary is gone! He is so happy when he believes that O is pregnant but she has only a minor tiredness. O's father has given the money but didn't get any official reconnaissance papers as promised so got cheated (โดนโกง). Somchai, their relative (ญาติ) and domestic helper (คนรับใช้), gets biten by a fierce dog and has scars. The owner only gives 20 baht for compensation. He is the same guy who promises to sign documents regarding the loan from O's father. Tam asks for 200 000 baht compensation. Refusal is received and the issue has to be settled at tribunal (ฟ้องศาล). Tam enquiries to get proofs that the dog belongs to rich bad guy. Tam claims her relative was going to play in a movie to justify the important money amount. Trial starts but witnesses used by Tam cannot match the strong opposition from the lawyer. Family life go on for Tam and O. Tam buys a car. His musician skills are also well used in various occasions to play modern Thai music. Two songs from this movie became hits. His friends bring him to a massage parlor (อาบอบนวด). There he meets a masseuse that presents him a friend wishing to become a movie star. He convinces her to play her best performance during the trial if she wishes to get employed by his friend. It works so well! The movie highlights poor people fight against rich dishonest people. Piak poster movies reflects an image of Thai society with its good aspects and bad aspects. They are a joy to watch.

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