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Year: 2013

Thai title: ตั้งวง
English title: Tang Wong

Rating: 5/5
Director: Kongdej Jaturanrasamee

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai film ตั้งวง (Tang Wong) was released in year 2013. The movie takes place during red shirts protests in Bangkok in year 2010. A boy has bad scores and has a dream to join a sport class. His girlfriend suggests him to ask a vow to a local deity but he doesn't believe in spirit belief that much. Another couple in love takes a vow (บน) to keep their love forever. Two students take vow also as they are not studying well. But there is a need to promise something to the spirit in order to fulfill the vow (แก้บน). Vows are now filled. They are all reunited by circumstances. They had promised to dance (รำ) so they have to do it. To hire a troupe costs 8000 bath so finally an uncle accepts to pay for their dance lessons as he believes they cannot make it. Nut is their teacher. She teaches them Tang Wong (ตั้งวง), which is a graceful dance gesture with fingers set at 90 degrees. After a while, the early motivation disappears. The students get blamed by their science teacher for believing in supernatural things. Everybody in the school makes fun of them (ตัวตลก). One of them go to fulfill (แก้บน) alone at night time but gets recorded on YouTube. Em, one of teen student, is now father but flees his responsibilities. Nut, a lady boy, is supposed to get married but it fails. The teens' issues happen in parallel with the political protests. There is corruption in real life and supernatural life. The shrine is burnt so no need to dance anymore. There is a parallel with Ratchaprasong district in Bangkok burning following the 2010 riots. Fiang's father, taking part in protests, is finally safe. This movie also contains critics on Thai education. This is much more than a standard teen movie and it is dealing with interesting thoughts about traditional beliefs evolution between generations.

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