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มึง-กู เพื่อนกันจนวันตาย
มึง-กู เพื่อนกันจนวันตาย

Year: 2012

Thai title: มึง-กู เพื่อนกันจนวันตาย
English title: Friends never die

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Mario Maurer
Main actress:

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Friends never die - มึง-กู เพื่อนกันจนวันตาย is a 2012 movie about friendship and love. Kan (Mario Maurer) is the tough guy leader of a teen gang (ว่ายรุ่น) in Chiang Mai. He is the son of a rich businessman who is always in meeting and who believes love to his son is enough filled with money. His parents have never time for him. The movie features two couples, i.e. Song and Tidiu, Nem and Kan. They are all students. Song is accepted in Kan's group as he plays well football (เพื่อนกัน). Song has no friends. He went to Chiang Mai to avoid his mother dictatorship. A romance starts with Tidiu but it causes jealousy with other students. A misunderstanding happens between Song and Tidiu. Meanwhile Nem refuses to speak to Kan anymore as she still believes her brother died because of his friendship with Kan. She finally understands that Kan tried to help her brother involved in drug trafficking but it was too late. Kan has compensated his parents' lack of love with his friends. Following an argument with a daughter of a rich local notable, Kan's friend gets seriously beaten. Kan and his friends do their best to rescue him even if they are outnumbered. This increases their friendship. During New Year’s Eve, Kan is deadly stabbed but refuses to tell his friends as he has promised a date and refuses to break promise. Song remembers Kan's advice, i.e. boys shall win but not die so he doesn't slain the one who deadly injured Kan. Despite Kan’s departure, his inspiration stays with Song forever. This teen movie features heartthrob actor Mario Maurer and features feelings related to love / friendship (มีแฟนอย่าลืมเพื่อน).

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