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Year: 2010

Thai title: บิ๊กบอย
English title: Big Boy

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Settha Sirachaya
Main actress:

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Po, a rich young man (วัยรุ่น), loves hip hop dances but his skills are not very good. Taking opportunity to visit his modern and fit grandfather (ปู่) in Bangkok, he wishes to learn dances skills. He goes to Siam Square to find good hip hop dancers. He meets Niew, a young dancer he saw on Youtube. When realizing that Niew is a girl (ไม่เอาผู้หญิงสอน), he refuses to have her as a teacher. But even his grandfather dances better than him (สู้คนแก่ไม่ได้). Po always complains so his grandfather needs to push him. He finally accepts Niew but needs to exercise his body first. He finally learns well. The grandfather didn't dance tango with anybody since his wife died ten years ago. He doesn't like to lose (แพ้) and wishes his grandson to be the same. Po finds that Niew has to perform club dance at nighttime as she is not wealthy. This doesn't break their friendship and a romance story starts between Po and Niew. Teens confront each other through dances competition. Po fails and flees instead of facing the competition. The grandfather wants to achieve his dreams through his grandson. He couldn't win an international dance title 30 years ago. Another dance confrontation turns bad and the grandfather needs to rescue Po. During a car accident, Po breaks his leg and the grandfather is in coma. They all finally recover and understand that dances are for fun, for love but not for winning. The movie shows beautiful shooting sequences of Tango dances and Break dances. It highlights the knowledge transmission between generations. Through hard work, people can achieve their dreams. Settha Sirachaya delivers a neat performance and it seems that his wife, legendary veteran actress Aranya Namwong, can be seen shortly in one sequence.

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