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วัยอลวน 4
วัยอลวน 4

Year: 2005

Thai title: วัยอลวน 4
English title: Oops, There's Dad

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Phairoj Sangwaribut
Main actress: Lalana Sulawan

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Almost 30 years have passed since the last opus of the movie serie "Wai On-la-won" (วัยอลวน) directed by Piak Poster. O (โอ๋) and Tam (ตั้ม) are now grown-up adults with two children, i.e. Toey (เตย) their teen son and Tong (ตอง), their daughter who is an university student. O is worried that her son might be gay. They go to Chiang Mai for their daughter’s birthday. They want to do a surprise (วางแผนจัดงานวันเกิด) for her. Surprised, Tong needs to hide her boyfriend, Vichian, on the balcony (แอบมีแฟน). As O forgot her watch in Tong's condominium, Tam goes back and discovers that her daughter has a boyfriend. He takes the decision to keep the secret in order not to upset O. Tong tries to contact her old roommate she quit 2 years ago. Tong needs to find a temporary roommate to give false appearance to her mother. Tam helps to arrange. By lying to O, things turn badly for Tam and as two different roommates appear so O believes Tam turns obscene (ลามก). O is upset with Tam. Finally thanks to flashback images of their past through the previous movies, O and Tam get reunited. Tam tells her the truth about Tong living together with a boyfriend. They accept the fact. Like all parents they face issues when children grow up. The movie features many songs including the famous “ชูวับ ชูวับ” song updated to modern rock times. The OST CD includes also all the previous songs updated to modern music by Thai groups such as Taxi, อุ๊ หฤทัย , บัวชมพู ฟอร์, Endorphine... Another English title is also Wai On La Won 4: 30 Years Later.

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