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แตก 4 รัก โลภ โกรธ เลว
แตก 4 รัก โลภ โกรธ เลว

Year: 1999

Thai title: แตก 4 รัก โลภ โกรธ เลว
English title: Friendship breakdown

Rating: 4/5
Director: องอาจ สิงห์ลำพอง

Main actor: Adul Dulyarat,Somchai Kemglad
Main actress: Suthida Kasemsant

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Thai movie แตก 4 รัก โลภ โกรธ เลว / Friendship breakdown was released in year 1999 and lasts 1h26mn. It was released under VHS and DVD format. The picture is sharp and colorful but is only in 4:3 format. Movie director is องอาจ สิงห์ลำพอง. Four young close friends, three boys (Noi - ปราโมทย์ แสงศร, Ith - สมชาย เข็มกลัด, Bio - ศรราม เทพพิทักษ์) and one girl Nam (Nook - สุทธิดา เกษมสันต์ ณ อยุธยา), are working in a Japanese restaurant. Their friendship is strong. They even learn how to shoot as a game. Ith recognizes a man in the street as he joined an armored truck robbing before. It turned deadly. Ith uses the money from the robbery to pay for his friend's father's health expenses. Bio is accepted as police cadet (นักเรียนตำรวจ) and buys a ring for Nam. Noi is kidnapped by ruffians linked to the previous robbery as money was not shared equally. Bio and Ith cannot alert the police but Ith decides to go on his own and brings fake money. It turns badly as the ruffian is smart also. Noi is attached to a rope and is suspended on a bridge over a railway. Bio comes to help and has to shoot the ruffian dead. Unfortunately, Noi falls on the railway and hurts his head. Bio, by trying to help Noi, loses part of his leg cut by the train. Ith's friend’s life is wrecked. Ith does business in Cambodia to sell weapons. Bio ends up in jail for murder. Bio befriends with another inmate (อภิชาติ ชูสกุล). He succeeds to flee. Two years passed. Ith and Nam often visit Noi. Nam's father (Adul Dulyarat) knows that Ith has befriended a ruffian’s leader so he is not happy that his daughter is meeting Ith. Bio has become a hitman but focuses only on targets being a danger for the Thai society. Noi still cannot remember due to brain injury. The three friends meet again but Bio cannot forgive Ith. Ith has a business conflict with a partner Amnat so the partner hires a hitman to kill him. Bio gets the contract but finally doesn’t kill Ith. Another hitman is hired. Ith and Nam plan to bring Noi to Chiang mai hoping he will get back his memory. Learning that the hitman puts a bomb in their plane, Bio intervenes. Shootings happen with ruffians. Ith and Bio become friends again. Ith dies while protecting his friends. Bio revenges his friend by shooting Amnat and dies under Thai police bullets.

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