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Year: 1996

Thai title: เด็กระเบิดยึดแล้วยืด
English title: Extreme games

Rating: 3/5
Director: คมสันต์ ศรีสวัสดิ์

Main actor: Supakorn Srisawat
Main actress: Naowarat Yooktanun,Nook Sutthida

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Thai movie เด็กระเบิดยึดแล้วยืด / Extreme games was released in year 1996 and lasts 1h45mn. It was released under VHS format, DVD format and VCD format. Movie director is คมสันต์ ศรีสวัสดิ์. Thai actors and actresses featured in this movie are Yanit Yaisamuer – ฌานิศ ใหญ่เสมอ, Nook Sutthida - สุทธิดา เกษมสันต์ ณ อยุธยา, ธนพงษ์ คล้ายพงษ์พันธ์, ธนา สุทธิกมล, Joni Anwar - จอนนี่ อันวา, ปภัสวรรณ ยอดเณร, ทองขาว ภัทรโชคชัย, Naowarat Yooktanun. This movie was a RS production. Of course, a music tape was released as many of the actors / actresses are also singers. A group of teenagers enjoys playing paintball games (การเล่นเพ้นท์บอล). The group includes Boy, Lek, Eh, Nook and Man, the son of a rich businessman. Man's mother is dead already and his businessman father has little time for him. Today is the birthday of the father. Man escapes from his father's birthday party. Man organises a paintball party in his father's new building. Meanwhile some ruffians, being former inmates, storm the building. They plan to blast it. Ruffians capture Phi Pan, the building caretaker. Ruffian Khao (ทองขาว ภัทรโชคชัย) stayed in prison for 7 years because of a disagreement with Phi Pan, his former teammate. Some teens, aware of the drama, try to contact the Police but ruffians stop the alert at the control level room. Ruffians are looking for the teens while some teens, unaware of the situation, start playing the paintball game. Luckily, ruffians are not very smart. They are looking for diamonds hidden by Pan. Meanwhile the father is celebrating his birthday through a big party. He meets a married lady looking similar to his former wife (Naowarat Yooktanun). Ruffians kill one guard and are aware teens are hiding in the building. Teens capture ruffian Malee but ruffians release her. They try a trick with ruffians, but it fails and Boy is captured. Lek is also captured. Pan accepts to bring Khao to the place where the diamonds are hidden if Khao releases the teens. Only two teens, Nook and Eh, have not been captured by the ruffians. Eh gets electrocuted by a ruffian but he survives. The father decides to go back as he is not having happiness at his birthday without his son's presence. Pan tricks Khao as there is a gun hidden among the diamonds. Treachery happens between ruffians. Finally, ruffians all die as they shoot each other. The teens and the father being back have limited time to get rid of the balloons full of gas and avoid an explosion that would destroy the building. This dramatic event renews the relationship between Man and his father.

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