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สมศรี 422R โปรแกรม D ปีนี้มีน้อง
สมศรี 422R โปรแกรม D ปีนี้มีน้อง

Year: 1995

Thai title: สมศรี 422R โปรแกรม D ปีนี้มีน้อง
English title: Somsri 422R Program D

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Santisuk Promsiri,Sombat Methanee
Main actress: Jintara Sookkapat,Duangdao Jarujinda

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Thai teen movie สมศรี 422R โปรแกรม D ปีนี้มีน้อง / Somsri 422R Program D is the third opus of สมศรี 422 อาร์ / Somsri 422R, the Thai robot. It was released in year 1995 and it lasts 1h47mn. In Bangkok, there is a three kid’s family with a father as crazy inventor. Mother is played by Duangdao Jarujinda. The father created Thai robot Somsri 422R before. Sompon is a new lady robot created by the father. Gags happen as ladies robots have unexpected behaviors such as going in male toilets or learning bad habits from humans... Funny competition do happen between the two robots. The grandfather (สุประวัติ ปัทมสูต) in Chiang Mai has difficulties with Sombat Methanee. He is always nagged by him and loses all competitions to him. Sombat has a very strong granddaughter. The grandfather wishes some help from Somsri (Jintara Sookkapat) in order to silence Sombat. It features various teen romances (including สายธาร นิยมการณ์). Animosities continue between the two grandfathers. Sombat even hires tough guys (มือดี) (including ชลประคัลภ์ จันทร์เรือง) to get rid of Somporn but they keep failing. Grandfather accuses Somsri to be jealous (ขี้อิจฉา) of Somporn. Ed (Santisuk Promsiri) is always supportive of Somsri (เป็นคนยุ่งจะตายไป). Competition shall happen both granddaughters (น้อง) per grandfathers' agreements. Somporn is the one to participate to the competition but she loses the first event due to cheating (โกง). As she is injured, Somsri replaces her and wins the last two events.

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