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Year: 1976

Thai title: วัยอลวน
English title: Wai On La Won

Rating: 3/5
Director: Piak Poster

Main actor: Phairoj Sangwaribut,Somkuan Krajangsat
Main actress: Lalana Sulawan

Tam (ตั้ม) is an university student. He takes additional jobs as he doesn't come from a rich family. He rents a house to a strict owner, who has two daughters. Tam tries to seduce the first daughter but she is already engaged. Tam is an evening teacher (อาจารย์) and teaches the second teen daughter called O (โอ๋), who is quite stubborn (ดื้อ) and not willing to learn (ไม่ตั้งใจเรียน). The father believes O is having an affair with Tam. The father is old style (แบบโบราณ ). He decides to send O every day (จะส่งเรียน) to school. Tam continues to support her secretly through messages hidden in books (No sms and chat in 1976!). Love emerges between O and Tam despite the father's surveillance. Tam needs to use tricks to deceive the father. In parallel Tam is still following lawyer studies. He needs to find trick to get money to finish to pay his studies. The father threatens Tam to force him to leave but to no avail. Finally O and Tam can get married. This movie serie by Piak Poster included four opus, i.e. วัยอลวน (1976), รักอุตลุต (1977), ชื่นชุลมุน (1978), วัยอลวน 4 (2005). This first opus was a break with 1970s movies as it was the first successful teen movie including new modern actors (Phairoj and Lalana) and especially modern music. It was the first teen movie, which changed the local trend where the main actor had to be always polite, good looking with a robust body. The director, Piak Poster, used a new actor, Phairoj Sangwaribut, who was quite slim. At the beginning, the movie was a failure. No theaters were interested to show it as the 6th October 1976 sad events just happened. Piak Poster shown it to the students and good feedbacks started to spread. Nice modern songs and guitar performances helped to popularize the movie. Finally it reaped 8 millions Baht. ตั้ม and โอ๋ became popular nicknames in that period.

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