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กระโปรงบานขาสั้น 1
กระโปรงบานขาสั้น 1

Year: 1993

Thai title: กระโปรงบานขาสั้น 1
English title: Skirts and Shorts 1

Rating: 3/5
Director: ชาติชาย แก้วสว่าง

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie กระโปรงบานขาสั้น 1 / Skirts and Shorts 1 was released in year 1993 and lasts 1h43mn. This movie was released on VCD format by company Solar and also by company BKP. A remastered version was released during decade 2010s by Five Star Production. Movie director is ชาติชาย แก้วสว่าง. It is a typical Thai teen movie where teachers look stupid and can be easily cheated by students. Teenager Saek (ธรรม์ โทณะวณิก) hits another schoolmate so he is fired from his school in Bangkok. He moves to Chiang Mai and promises to his uncle not to cause any troubles anymore. Some schoolmates led by Bom like to tease other students. Saek gets a new friend Lek. Lek brings him to see young girls dancing. The teacher Kaew Ta punishes them. Joke is done on teacher Charlie. Bom, rich student, accuses Saek in front of teacher Charlie. Young lady Bai Feun (ใบเฟิน)(ธัญญาเรศ รามณรงค์) meets Saek but a romance is not yet started. Plae, Bai Feun's friend, likes also Saek. Lek is punched by Bom but Saek restraints himself to avoid being fired from school again. Life continues in the school with Bom (เกเร) being finally caught by teacher Charlie. Plae understands that Saek likes Bai Feun and not her. Birthday of Bai Feun is happening soon. Seak is late as Bom's car pushes him on the road side. Plae is drunk. Misunderstanding occurs between Saek and Bai Feun as Plae, being drunk, hugs Saek. Once misunderstanding is clarified, romance happens. Bai Feun is aggressed by three thugs. Saek intervenes but is severely punched by them. Meanwhile Bom brings Bai Feun to hospital so he gets all the credit. Bom steals Saek's bicycle to dismount it. Fed up by Bom's behavior, Saek asks for fight and a boxing match is organized between them. Bom is punched in front of teacher Charlie. Teacher Charlie fires Saek from the school. On the way to train station, Saek helps Bom being aggressed by ruffians. Bom then tells the truth to teacher Charlie and Bai Feun. Bai Feun rushes to train station before Saek leaves Chiang Mai. She hopefully arrives on time…

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