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หวานมันส์ฉันคือเธอ ตอนที่ยังเหลือ (ภาค 2)
หวานมันส์ฉันคือเธอ ตอนที่ยังเหลือ (ภาค 2)

Year: 1988

Thai title: หวานมันส์ฉันคือเธอ ตอนที่ยังเหลือ (ภาค 2)
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Santisuk Promsiri,Kriengkrai Unhanan,Kiet Kijcharouen
Main actress: Jintara Sookkapat,Sulaleewan Suwanthat

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Thai movie หวานมันส์ฉันคือเธอ ตอนที่ยังเหลือ (ภาค 2) was released in year 1988 and lasts 1h49mn. This movie is follow up of part 1 released in year 1987. A few songs are featured in the movie. Nap (Jintara Sookkapat) and Ton (Santisuk Promsiri) are close friends since childhood and are now studying in university. Ton’s father is worried that his son doesn't behave as a 'man' (ผู้ชายเต็มตัว) and check with his teacher (อาจารย์)(Kriengkrai Unhanan). Ton's parents move to Bangkok but Ton stays behind to finish his studies. Ton moves to a room (ห้องพัก). Aunt (Sulaleewan Suwanthat) is the owner and she is fed up to clean sheets as the tenants keep bringing ladies. Ang (Kiet Kijcharouen) is concerned that Ton is gay so he asks another neighbour to check. Nap is upset with Ton as she believes he brings ladies to sleep in his room. Nap has to do Thai military training. So her friends ask her to reconsider if Ton really misbehaves or not. The misunderstanding is clarified but Nap needs to excuse herself after having slapped Ton. The neighbour tricks him again by sending a sexy lady to Ton's room. Nap arrives at same time and misunderstands Ton again. Ton gets slapped again. The sexy lady also steals Ton’s money (ไม่มีเจตนา). This time, Nap doesn't believe Ton (เศร้า). Ton stays home as he has no more money. The neighbour finds a job for them but it is a nightclub performance activity. His father visits him and pushes him to visit prostitutes. Nap's friend, Samon, tries to seduce him. It is exams time. Nap still doesn't forgive Ton. Nap's father complains to the head of school as Ton keeps trying to contact his daughter. Ton explains the whole story to the head of school, apologizes for his behavior and announces quitting the school. Exams shall happen soon (อีกสามวันจะสอบ). Ton is now working as musician in a hill tribe show for foreign tourists. Following plea from Nap about their relation and his future, Ton finally goes back to school to pass his exams as there is no future without diploma.

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