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Year: 1984

Thai title: วัยระเริง
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Piak Poster

Main actor: Amphol Lumpoon
Main actress: Sulaleewan Suwanthat

Students in class 650 are teenagers. They spend time to make jokes. Their new teacher (อาจารย์) Sri Nuan doesn't understand them and only blame them. So they often flee school and spend time in Siam Square. Teachers have difficulties to educate this class. Teenager Phong uses money from his school fees to buy music instrument and doesn't wish to pursue business studies to replace one day his father as the head of recording studio company. He doesn't go to school anymore. His father is upset. Phong stops going back home and spends time playing music. His grandmother, Pradit, who is also a teacher, blames his father for not giving enough time for his son. She knows the difficulties to teach teenagers. She asks Phong and his friends to stay and play music in her backyard so that she knows where they are. She asks Phong to create a song regarding Europe countries location with a modern rock music. It is an immediate success with the teenagers. They learn and have fun at same time. The grandmother is smart. She knows that teenagers need to study what they like in order to get better results. During a school outing, one of the children of class 650 saves another teen from drowning. The teacher Sri Nuan must acknowledge her mistake and that those kids have also a positive added value to Thai society. During the year end exams, the children of class 650 have very good results thanks to the songs of teacher Pradit. The songs start to be well known but Thai kids cannot buy them. Record producers including Phong's father are queueing for a contract but the group manager is the grandmother so she knows how to defend the kids rights and interests again the business vultures. Finally the father accepts to sign a contract to avoid a competitor to get the deal. They become stars now. Finally they come back to the school year end spectacle to perform. To the puzzlement of all, they perform traditional Thai music. Elders shall respect youth aspirations but youth shall also respect elders achievements as both of them have values. It is Amphol Lumpoon's first role.

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