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Year: 1982

Thai title: สวัสดีไม้เรียว
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Phan Kam

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Sor Asanajinda,Suchao Pongwilai
Main actress: Jarunee Sooksawad,Ampha Pusit,Namgneun Boonnak

A new teacher (ครูใหม่) called Sirin (Jarunee Sooksawad) is recruited. She notices that two students always arrive late. One is a boy called Satit coming from a rich family (ลูกเศรษฐี). One is a girl called Kalaya coming from a slum family (สลัม). The movie highlights the importance to study for teens but also the importance for teachers to keep interest from their students (รักเรียน). This school has a strict director and strict teachers keeping the same program and activities without changes over years. Sirin tries to change this mindset. In Thai schools students show respect to their teachers in the mornign and evening (ไหว้ครู) and get hit with a stick (ลงโทษ) when they fail to obey to the school rules. Sirin faces opposition from the teacher head when she wishes to punish Satit for his bad behavior. Only the poor child Boonmee gets punished. Sirin wants to have same treatment for all children either rich or poor. A fight happens between Satit and Boonmee. Satit's elder brother, called Narit, comes to complain about the new teacher at the shool. He trusts Satit and doesn't know he is behaving badly. Kalaya has no time to study. Every early morning she has to deliver newspapers. Her father is always drunk and hit his wife. Kalaya is too ashamed to say why she is late everyday. Teachers decide to buy a bicycle for her so she doesn't have to run in the morning (same as movie Walli - วัลลี). Satit keeps stealing things. This time he steals teacher belongings and accuses Boomee. Hopefully Sirin is aware of the stratagem but Narit refuses to believe that his younger brother has problems as he is coming from a rich family. Money doesn't buy happiness... Kalaya didn't come to school since many days as her father sold the bicycle to buy alcohol. She now works in a construction site. Students decide to share the workload regarding newspapers distribution so that she can be on time in school. Following a brawl, Satit is sent to Police station. Teacher Sirin confirm (รับรอง) her students integrity so that they can be released. The school is going to take part in sport competition with other schools. They have big hope in cycling with Kalaya and Thai boxing with Boonmee. Poor children train hard while rich children just enjoy beach. Sirin sees Satit stealing the director's ring. She prevents the robbing but gets injured as Satit pushes her violently. The director doesn't believe Satit could be a robber. Losing trust in her director, Sirin resigns. Students refuse to study until Sirin is back. Finally Satit tells the truth to his brother. This one asks the director to recruit back Sirin. Sirin refuses to acknowledge the director's requests but accepts when students implore her. Competition starts. The school wins in boxing and cycling. Satit becomes a good boy. Despite strange cuts in the editing, this movie is full of good feelings, i.e. school importance, teacher dedication, studies, rich and poor society opposition...

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