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Year: 2013

Thai title: แมรี่มีความสุข
English title: Mary is happy, Mary is happy

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Krissada Sukosol
Main actress:

Thai drama movie Mary is happy / แมรี่มีความสุข was released in year 2013 and lasts 2h07mn. The movie got four Thai cinema awards, i.e. best actress, best supporting actress, best movie and best photography. The movie got listed as part of Thai heritage movie list in year 2016. It is based on 410 tweets sent by a Twitter user. It features two teens, Mary and Em, wondering about their future. Actor Krissada Sukosol is having a role as teacher. Each tweet is shown on the screen for reading and is linked to a short video sequence. The movie highlights teens problems such as love deception, exams, end of school year, questions on their future, first love, studies...

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