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Year: 2006

Thai title: มอ๘
English title: Mor 8

Rating: 5/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Patcharasri Benjamas

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An old grandma recalls her past when she was a teacher in year 1957 (Buddhist era 2500). Two schools (โรงเรียน) are fusioning, i.e. an all-girl school and an all-boy school. The new name is Darunee Suksa School. Boys (นักเรียนชาย) shall study with girls (นักเรียนหญิง). So the school becomes a mixed school. Some male teachers are not happy about this. Girls (ดอกไม้เหล็ก) need to show that they can be stronger than boys. The headmaster (ครูใหญ่) has to accept two female modern teachers. Both are still single. There are teacher Sompat and teacher Kaeson. One is strong (ใช้อำนาจ) and one is sweet. The two teachers are close friends (เพื่อนรักตลอดไป). They have to change the school internal rules that use women as helpers only. Teacher Malee, who has Chinese ancestors, is used to bring coffee for the male teachers... There is a very good representation of 1950s decade with nice costume and scenes. The teachers introduce mixed seating with boys and girls to improve mutual knowledge and respect.Many love letters are sent for teacher Kaeson. Many male teachers are also single so during the temple fair (งานวัด), they try to court Kaeson. Teacher Sompat gets the responsibility of the whole school after male teachers do boxing with ruffians and headmaster is caught watching sexy girls. Male teachers are fed up with Sompat as she is too strict. She even forbids love letters so other teachers have to find tricks to send letters with invisible ink. She has no love so others shall have no love also. There is a competition between girls and boys, between female teacher and male teachers. Sexism atmosphere prevails. Sompat is convinced of girls superiority and very proud of herself also. She dedicates all her life to school (ครูทั้งชีวิต), teaching without love so she expects Kaeson to do same. Work and personal life (เรื่องส่วนตัว) are two separate matters. Sompat is inflexible (ห่วงเกินไป) and does not forgive mistakes (ครูใจร้าย, กฎเป็นกฎ). Boys fight to protect the girls during a fair but as fights are forbidden according to school rules, they are punished by Sompat and cannot join next exams session. Kaeson and other teachers cannot accept such decision. Finally teacher Sompat sacrifices her position for children to be able to pass the exams. The movie highlights teacher dedication and self sacrifice. Pupils shall keep respect to their teacher. Topics are love, duty, friendship but also needs for flexibility and understanding. The feminist ex-senator, whose well-known slogan is "One Husband, One Wife", Rabiebrat Pongpanit plays a small role as the school project director.

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