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Year: 1994

Thai title: แบบว่าโลกนี้มีแต่น้ำเต้าหู้กับครูระเบียบ
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Sornram Teppitak
Main actress: Suvanant Kongying,Duangta Tungkamanee

Thai teen movie แบบว่าโลกนี้มีแต่น้ำเต้าหู้กับครูระเบียบ was released in year 1994 and lasts 1h35mn. It was released under VCD format by Premium Digital company and by Lepso company. Second part was released in year 1996 with a shorter name น้ำเต้าหู้และครูระเบียบ 2. Sally (Suvanant Kongying - สุวนันท์ ปุณณกันต์), as new student (เด็กใหม่), moves to a new school from Suphanburi to Bangkok. She has now a few new friends (เพื่อนกัน) including Pot and Pom, a fat girl, but a teen girl called Honey looks her down (เด็กบ้านนอก). Severe rules by teacher Rabiep (Duangta Tungkamanee - ดวงตา ตุงคะมณี) are applied in the new school. Kan (Sornram Teppitak - ศรราม เทพพิทักษ์) is a volleyball team leader. All girls (นักเรียนหญิง) are crazy about him as he is seen as the school hero. Teacher Rabiep chases students smoking, students having romance instead of studying, male students reading secretly Playboy magazine in the school. There is a concierge always thinking to save water (ประหยัดน้ำ). As there is a sexist aggressor around the school, Sally and her friends put a plan in place to catch him and humiliate him. A special program is launched by the school following an idea of Sally. Students have to do activities outside the school. Those activities are useful for Thai society harmony such as cleaning Buddhist temple. Sally emphasizes that prayers to Buddha are important in Thai society balance. Kan convinces teacher Rabiep to have a feminine volleyball team. Teacher Rabiep is reluctant as she doesn't want the ladies to deviate from studies but she finally accepts. Wan, another popular boy, and Kan have arguments. Honey keeps trying to seduce Kan. Wan is a gay character (ตุ๊ด), so he finally ends up in love with Kan. Such teen movie uses all standard cliches. The girls join the volleyball team. Somebody steals their bras. A crazy man (โรคจิต) follows them. They suspect a policeman and then the school concierge. It is finally the school guardian. Romance starts between Kan and Sally. They have to win as teacher Rabiep is under strong pressure from her management. As Honey is jealous, she pretends having seen Kan kissing Sally. Concerned about the school's reputation, the school director wishes to stop the team. As teacher Rabiep refuses, she dismisses. The team finally wins the competition and teacher Rabiep is reintegrated in the school. She is like a mother for the students.

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