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มุม (หนึ่งของชีวิตใคร)
มุม (หนึ่งของชีวิตใคร)

Year: 1995

Thai title: มุม (หนึ่งของชีวิตใคร)
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: สุธรรม สุริยวงศ์

Main actor: Tuanton Kammeesri
Main actress: Sakaojai Poonsawat

Thai movie มุม (หนึ่งของชีวิตใคร) was released in year 1995 and last 1h39mn. Movie director is สุธรรม สุริยวงศ์. It is Sakaojai Poonsawat's first movie. Teenager Mum (Sakaojai Poonsawat - สกาวใจ พูนสวัสดิ์) receives award of best student in her school, but she always looks sad. Even the Police inspector (สารวัตร), who gives her the award, notices it. Mum does not have a father and her mother Vilai (ปนัดดา โกมารทัต) is a nighttime singer. She did not come to the ceremony. She is often busy meeting Tuanton Kammeesri. She has no time for her daughter. It causes Mum to be very sad. Mum has one close friend called Ann. Ann invites Mum to a party. Mum is reluctant to go as she did not get her mother's authorization, but Ann promises to be back before midnight. Ann has already a boyfriend (แฟน). Mum meets Tom (วิทิต แลท) at the party. Meanwhile Tuanton recommends the mother to spend more time with Mum. Tom complains about adults imposing constraints to them. Everything adults do is good. Everything teens do is wrong. Those parties bring freedom to teens as there are no adults to forbid. Mum, Ann, and friends go to Pattaya. Mum drinks and smokes. A girl gives her an illicit substance. Mum starts to be addicted as her hands shake during school lessons. Tom is lazy and pushes his father (วุฒิ คงคาเขต), being a simple policeman, to give him more money. Tom and Mum become lovers. Tom joins a dance contest with a price of 50,000 THB. He wins as his teammates hit the main dancer opponent in the restroom. A photographer takes a picture of Mum kissing Tom holding the prize. The school headmaster complains to the mother Vilai as it gives a bad image of the school. The policeman warns Vilai about losing Mum (เสียคน). Vilai complains she has limited time as she is working at nighttime. Mum is jealous to see her mother giving all her love to Tuanton and none to her. She flees to another party while her mother is out. During the party, Ann sees Tom's former girlfriend, Pat, giving substance to Mum. She accuses her of trying to kill her friend Mum. A fight occurs between the two girls. Police are called by neighbors fed up with noise. The headmaster has to come as the mother Vilai is unreachable. The name of the school is tarnished two times. Vilai complains to her daughter, but Mum argues her mother is responsible for this situation as she never gave her love. She flees and takes refuge in Tom's place who quits his father. Vilai does not know how to contact her daughter. Mum is addicted and needs drugs (ติดยาเสพติด). She meets Pat to buy drugs, but the price has increased. As Mum does not have enough money, she asks Mum to become a prostitute (ขายตัว). She also gets revenge toward Mum by showing that Tom is selling himself to a foreigner to pay the drugs for his junky girlfriend. In fact, Tom and his friend rob the foreigner and flee. Meanwhile Police intervene and the drug dealer cuts Pat's throat believing she betrayed them. Meanwhile Mum flees home as she has a crisis. She does an injection, but it is an overdose. Ann discovers it and calls the mother Vilai. Mum is rushed to the hospital. It is too late as she dies from overdose. The mother blames Tom, Ann, and their friends, but she also owns her part of responsibility. The movie ends up with a message for parents to take care of their children.

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