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Year: 1993

Thai title: เร็วกว่าใจไกลเกินฝัน
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Suchao Pongwilai,Phairoj Jaising
Main actress: Nat Myria,Mayura Thanabutr

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Thai movie เร็วกว่าใจไกลเกินฝัน was released in year 1993 and lasts 1h52mn. It was released under DVD format by company Happy Entertainment. This movie got six Thai cinema awards. Teenagers are having a bike race. Ek (เพ็ญเพชร เพ็ญกุล) helps a young lady, Kaew (นัท มีเรีย), who is aggressed by a thug. Suchao Pongwilai is Kaew's father. Her parents don't have time for her, so she is often out (เที่ยว). Kaew is trying to find back Ek. Schoolmates mention Ek can often be seen in a discotheque in Ratchada. They finally go out in a mall on the next day but Ek must be careful as Police is looking for him as bike races are illegal. As Kaew and her friends miss school a lot (ขัดเรียน), they get warned by the school director. Ek is also not happy with his family. Kaew is looking for companionship as she is lonely at home. Ek is racing with Kaew. Ek is arrested by Thai Police but wishes to continue as bike racing is a romping game for him. Kaew joins a model contest to raise interest from her parents. Her mother disapproves her daughter so Kaew flees. Ek and Kaew start a relationship. Ek continues to race. His opponent dies. Ek has to flee the Police and goes to Phuket. Kaew follows him there. Ek starts to take drugs (เล่นของ). Kaew is pregnant and worried. Ek would like Kaew to abort but she refuses. Ek's father is Phairoj Jaising. Ek's condition is getting worse as he is using strong drugs. Ek is going to brothel to buy drug. As the woman refuses to sell drugs at low price to him, a fight erupts. Ek is beaten by ruffians. Kaew brings him to hospital. Doctor finds he has Aids. Aware of it, Ek wishes to break with Kaew to ensure she can have a new life. Ek has difficulties to accept his disease (หมดทุกสิ่งทุกอย่าง). Ek breaks up with Kaew. Kaew calls her teacher as she is in despair. She is four months pregnant. She discloses the news to her parents. The mother is only worried to lose face. The father acknowledges they did bad of not taking care of their daughter. After going to hospital, Kaew is also diagnosed with Aids (เราต้องรับความจริง). Kaew is back to school. Other schoolmates suspect she has Aids as she is now very slim. Other kids try to avoid her worried about the disease. At that time people still believed they could get infected through clothes contact and using same utensils. Kaew thinks about suicide. Finally, her friends talk to her again after the teacher explains to them. Ek's mother (Mayura Thanabutr) asks Kaew to help and to ensure Ek takes his medicine. Kaew finds Ek doing motorbike. He is feeling bad (สร้างกรรมสร้างบาป). Ek wishes to join a last race. Kaew takes her child back from hospital despite nurses are unwilling. Finally, the child doesn't have Aids. Kaew cannot join Ek on time for this last race. Ek dies due to over speeding.

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