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Year: 1989

Thai title: วัยดิบ
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Suchao Pongwilai
Main actress:

Four friends at university just get their diploma. Among them, the main characters are a young lady called Na and a young man called Panit. Panit's father is a policeman. He catches people involved in drug trafficking. He disrupts drug selling gangs. His son gets university diploma (ปริญญา) but he is late to the diploma ceremony as he is always too busy. Na finds a job in a touristic hotel but Panit is still looking for a job. It is difficult to find a job nowadays. Panit meets friends involved in drug trafficking. They want him to work with them as he is worried (กลุ้มใจ) and cannot find a job. He comes back home drunk as he tried drugs. Drug dealers are freed following a procedure mistake. His friends are worried regarding Panit's new behavior. Panit shares the same flat with his father. Panit starts to take drugs (ติดยา). Panit's father is strict. There is no mother at home. The father discovers that Panit is now addicted (ทำไม). The policeman cannot understand that his son with high education can be a drug addict (ยังมีความรู้). The father forgives his son as he is also responsible of the situation by being always out of home. The policeman consults a monk. Panit continues to indulge in drugs not only joints but also heroin injections. He becomes a thug. The movie shows how drugs can change people life despite high studies if parents don't follow enough and if meet bad friends. Panit's father is suspended from the Police due to his expeditious way of working. Panit's girlfriend is raped and killed by other thugs. He takes revenge and kills accidently one thug. Meanwhile the father is reinserted in police and needs to arrest the killer (ผิดกฎหมาย). Vina is sad (เสียใจ) as her brother is dead. The thug that Panit killed is Vina's own brother! Panit is more and more addicted to drugs and has deep crisis. Vina and her friends try to help but drugs have done big ravage. Friendship (เพื่อนรัก) is still here. Panit recognises his failures (ฉันผิด) and that his father is a good man (พ่อเป็นคนดี), who follows the law (รักษากฎหมาย). Panit was his father's hope (เป็นความหวังของพ่อ). He dies when his father was going to arrest him.

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