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Year: 1987

Thai title: สายน้ำไม่ไหลกลับ
English title:

Rating: 5/5

Main actor: Apichat Halamjiak,Somsak Chaisongkram
Main actress: Sinjai Hongthai,Piathip Kumwong,Linda Khatancharoen

A young lady called Feun (Sinjai Hongthai) is working in a hairdresser shop and washes customers' hair. Khun Warut (Apichat Halamjiak), one customer, has interest in Feun. Phaen (Piathip Kumwong), Feun’s stepmother, tries to push her to go out with Warut. Feun’s father (Somsak Chaisongkram) indulges in alcohol and is seriously sick. Aniwat is Feun's close friend and wishes to marry her when he finishes his studies. Pressured by Phaen, Feun accepts a dinner invitation from Warut. Aware of this, Aniwat feels betrayed. Warut asks for Feun's hand. Phaen pushes her to accept. Troubled, she wishes to talk to Aniwat. But seeing him with another lady, she finally accepts Warut's offer. Warut starts to be more daring with Feun knowing they will marry soon. The wedding shall be a very small ceremony without Warut's parents. In fact, Warut is already married with three children. Phaen was aware. Warut and Feun don't understand each other. Feun likes to stay home but Warut likes to go to disco. Phaen is not interested in Feun's father but only in money that Warut gives to Feun. Warut doesn't come back home a few days already. While doing shopping with Warut, Warut and Feun meet Warut's wife. Feun understands that Warut lied to her (โลกลวง). She flees but is hit by a car. She is rescued by a DJ who introduces her to another lady called Luang. Feun cannot go back home as she doesn't want to be forced by Phaen again or to meet Warut again. Luang is working as a call girl. First Feun looks for normal jobs (waitress) but she still faces men harassment. She cannot find proper jobs (อยากเป็นคนดีแต่สังคมไม่ยอม). So she has finally no choice than working same as Luang as she is worried about her father. It is a difficult job as some men are crazy or violent. She enters in a whirlpool of sex and easy money. One day, one of her guest is Aniwat! Aniwat still believes Feun is a good person despite doing this job (ต้องการเงิน). Aniwat still loves Feun. Feun accepts to start a real love relationship with Aniwat. Their love is spoilt by meeting some former customers while dining and by a liver disease due to alcohol high level of consumption. Aniwat's friend tries to break this relationship. Feun's friend finds that Aniwat is already fiance with a teacher. Knowing this, she indulges in alcohol again and ends up in hospital. Despite cutting part of her liver, she will not survive long. She leaves the hospital and stays near the sea. Knowing Aniwat's wedding, she ends up in hospital again. Her friend forces Aniwat to visit her to hospital so that he can understand her real love and the pain he caused her. Feun dies in front of him. Movie สายน้ำไม่ไกลกลับ highlights society hypocrisy as it is allowed or understood that a man can have multiple mistresses but the opposite is not accepted. It highlights a society where men harassment is still excessive.

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