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Year: 2003

Thai title: สนิมสร้อย
English title: Feathers of Passion

Rating: 3/5

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Main actress:

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This movie is adapted from Thai author Rong Wongsawan's best-selling novel. It follows the lives, loves and lusts of men and women whose relationships start in a high-class brothel 50 years ago. This post-war story focuses on love and relationships between the brothel madam, a pimp, young prostitutes and customers. It relates many stories about customers that come for initiation, customers that are in a lovestory with a girl but suffer because she has to go also with other customers to gain money, customers that marry girls, girls who get diseases... The movie highlights the tough existence for those ladies without a livelihood. The story is set when the Thai government was planning to outlaw prostitution. Home-style brothels were flourishing without any competition from massage parlours and entertainment complexes. Many women were driven to prostitution to support themselves as a result of poverty and basic education. 50 years ago Thai society encouraged women to stay at home. No need to study as the future husband shall take care about them.

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