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Year: 1990

Thai title: หลงไฟ
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Ruj Ronnapop

Main actor: Santisuk Promsiri,Waruth Woratum
Main actress: Passorn Boonyakiat

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Kaew is a beautiful university student but she is coming from a poor family. Accompanying a friend for job interview, she meets a lady, Waew, that proposes her to work as escort girl and promises her easy money and life. Kaew has to leave her aunt's house as her uncle is trying to take advantage on her so she accepts to work as escort girl and gives 40% to the mamasan. She gets 30 000 Baht for the first night for the loss of virginity. She gets used to easy money. She starts to get advantage of the men that wish to marry her, her office boss and her university friend, Chon. Both of them buy her gold bracelets. Chon is a nice guy coming from country side (Santisuk Promsiri plays again a character similar to Boonchu) with only a 5000 Baht monthly salary. He even sends her money to prepare the dower. A german customer, Jacob, also proposes to marry her in Germany. But Kaew has higher goals. She is used to easy money and doesn't want to lower down her status. She starts to seduce the son of a rich family, who is already fianced. He rapidly gets fond of Kaew. The parents reject this love and enquiry on Kaew's side activities. They cut their son pocket money and his car. The relationship gets tense with Kaew as she is the one to support to him. They finally break up. Meanwhile Chon and Kaew's office boss understand they have been tricked and the police catches her. Kaew tries to have a new life but fails. Being too old for working with Waew as escort girl, she gets trapped with a brutal local pimp, who beats her and forces her to see many customers. She only escapes this hell by stabbing him. Wishing to get an easy life, she only gets pain. She finally leaves for Germany by answering positively to Jacob's offer. Arriving there, some local men take her passport and money. She understands she has been tricked in a local prostitution ring again. She needs to work hard to pay back her debt to Jacob. Fed up by this life with no future, she starts to deeply upset the local prostitution ring. Finally Jacob strangles Kaew. This movie shows the bad situation in which young Thai ladies can be trapped if they choose easy money way of life.

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