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2022 สึนามิ วันโลกสังหาร
2022 สึนามิ วันโลกสังหาร

Year: 2009

Thai title: 2022 สึนามิ วันโลกสังหาร
English title: 2022 Tsunami

Rating: 3/5
Director: Toranong Srichua

Main actor: Suchao Pongwilai,Choomporn Theppitak
Main actress:

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This movie takes place in 2022 eighteen years after the 2004 Tsunami. Three young people, i.e. Phu, Cindy and Phi Phi, are working with Dr Siam. The three young people participate to events and demonstrations to enhance population awareness regarding the worrying climate changes. Doctor Siam has lost his son during 2004 tsunami. Since he has worked on an alarm system to detect tsunami and earthquakes. Phu and Cindy are traumatised by 2004 tsunami events. In 2022, the climate has changed a lot. Thailand is no more safe regarding earthquakes. Three false alarms have been already raised by Dr Siam so the prime minister is in difficult position towards his coalition partner complaining that population evacuation hurts Thailand business. His main coalition partner wishes to replace the current prime minister and his son is a corrupted real estate investor only seeing his own interest. He is selling drugs also and wishes to expel Moken people from his paradise island. Nobody can stop him as he is the son of a politician. Rawai, a Moken, warns Dr Siam, regarding separations under the sea announcing underwater volcanoes explosions. Despite the danger Doctor Siam goes to his underwater lab to get important data and sacrifices his life. There is an urgent need to evacuate Bangkok due to coming 30m high tsunami waves. The mother nature takes revenge. The movie includes references to monarchy, Buddhism and Thai nation in a way similar to 1970s movies. Big earthquakes happen. Bangkok is submerged. The Prime minister is a modern politician capable of sacrifice for his nation and people. From his helicopter, he saves children from drowning but remains stranded on their school bus as the helicopter is overloaded already. A miracle happens as the giant Buddha statue in front of Bangkok gets detached from its pedestal, floats and gets the Prime Minister in its hand preventing him from drowning. The coalition partner dies as his luxury boat is overwhelmed by the huge waves (ความดีต้องชนะความชั่ว). The Doctor Siam body is wrapped into a Thai flag. The movie plays on the environmental and disaster films wave in 2009 (Home, 2012...). It has an environmental message that we all need to change our behavior to save the planet. It raises various issues (corrupted politicians, business interest versus citizen interest, sea-based Moken minority situation, society debauchery). Effective Fx are used but not good enough to make it believable.

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