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Year: 1980

Thai title: อุกาฟ้าเหลือง
English title: The Yellow Sky

Rating: 5/5
Director: ChatriChalerm Yukol

Main actor: Sor Asanajinda
Main actress:

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ChatriChalerm Yukol portrays environmental problems in this movie about the sea overexploitation in South of Thailand. Sam is a young fisherman living with an old man. Sam has a lazy girlfriend called Boonta. The old man has also adopted a young girl, Dookmai, 10 years ago when her parents died in a forceful storm over the sea. Such forceful storm accompanied with a yellowing sky is called อุกาฟ้าเหลือง. The old man lives in harmony with the sea and blames fishermen who uses grenades to catch fish. These grenades kill many fishes and destroy the coral, which hosts fishes. Once the coral is dead, fishes disappear. It is an easy way to get immediately many fishes but without thinking about the future impacts. It is forbidden by law but a local politician with the fishermen boss is preventing any changes. Boonta wants a better life and convinces Sam to leave the old man in order to work with other fishermen and earn more money. Sam is working hard on a big drifter with huge nets that catch big, small fishes and even species that are not edible. if fishermen catch small fishes, those small fishes can never grow and reproduce them-selves. The old man successfully succeeds to have the sea police to capture a fishboat using grenades to catch fishes. One fisherman group leader promises to get his revenge. Meanwhile the local politician and the fishermen boss have arguments. The local politician hires a hitman to kill him. The hitman knows Boonta since her youth. Boonta is seduced by the man as he is offering to her an opportunity to leave the South and go to Bangkok. They become lovers. The fishermen boss is killed but before his death tells everything to Sam. Sam repeats to Boonta, who then tells her lover, the hitman. Following a tragic chase in the mangrove, the hitman kills her and decides to get rid of Sam also. Followed by the hitman and the fisherman group leader, Sam, who is injured, take refuges in the old man's house. The old man, knowing that another forceful storm is coming, goes to face the hitman in order to slow him down. He dies but both the hitman and the fisherman group leader disappear within the sea due to forceful storm. Those who hurted the sea have been punished by the sea. It is certainly Sor Asanajinda's best role ever as an old fisherman respecting the sea.

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