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สาย สีมา นักสู้สามัญชน
สาย สีมา นักสู้สามัญชน

Year: 1981

Thai title: สาย สีมา นักสู้สามัญชน
English title:

Rating: 5/5
Director: หนุ่ม '22

Main actor: Somchai Samipak
Main actress:

Thai movie สาย สีมา นักสู้สามัญชน was released in year 1981 and lasts 1h40mn. The movie was never released on the market under any kind of format. The movie reels were still available in Thai film Archives. Thai film archives released the movie under YouTube in the year 2021. Movie director is หนุ่ม ’22. Thai actors and actresses featured in this movie are โปรยชัย ชโลมเวียง, ศรอนงค์ นวศิลป์, บัญญัติ สุรการวิทย์, เซอิจิ อุโดะ, ทาดาชิ โอโนซากิ. The Thai movie สาย สีมา นักสู้สามัญชน (1981) is based on the novel "ปีศาจ". The movie was elected as Thai National Film Heritage (มรดกภาพยนตร์แห่งชาติ) in 2021. The novel Pisat / ปีศาจ was released in year 1953. The movie takes place after World War 2. Young boy Sai Seema is going to study in Bangkok with a monk. He is leaving his family and getting the opportunity to study in Bangkok. Now being an adult, Sai Seema (สายสีมา)(โปรยชัย ชโลมเวียง) meets young lady Ratchanee at a high-so party. Ratchanee comes from a rich family. Her father denigrates the commoners and see his family as high-so (ผู้ดี). Ratchanee (รัชนี) has got a university diploma, but she is not working. She follows her father's guidance but wishes to work. Her best friend is a teacher and they studied at university together. She encourages Ratchanee to do something as not using her knowledge towards society is a waste. Ratchanee's father doesn't like his daughter to meet commoners. The teacher compares herself with Ratchanee and believes she has more happiness and freedom being poor. Pressed by his daughter Ratchanee, the father finally accepts that she works in a company as he knows the owner. Both parents are reluctant as they are rich, so their daughter shouldn't work. Sai Seema is also working there as a lawyer. Ratchanee has a small argument with Sai, mentioning high-so people cannot understand how real people are struggling beyond simple external vision (แตกต่างฟ้ากับดิน). Spying his daughter, the father doesn't want her to eat with men at lunchtime. The teacher thinks about teaching poor children in the countryside as it has more value and usefulness than teaching kids in cities. At the beach, Ratchanee sees Somchai Samipak flirting with younger ladies. She realizes that high-so people have two faces, i.e. private and public face. Ratchanee meets Sai later at the beach. There is a reflection if people's high position in society is linked to destiny or to good / bad deeds. Sai believes it can be changed. Unlike his lawyer associate, Sai is not interested in easy money. Sai meets Ratchanee's father, but the meeting doesn't go well. Following a legal case, Sai goes back to his village to try to solve it by reaching an agreement instead of going to court. His associate doesn't understand him. His former teacher asks Sai to help him to sue villagers, who own him money, but he refuses despite gratitude (กตัญญู) he has towards the teacher as the villagers are poor and are same as his family. He asks the teacher to freeze for one to two years, but he refuses. Sai wishes to bring Ratchanee so that she can see the difficult life of people in the countryside with no electricity, no water, and no hospital. It makes her father angry as high study should be used to make big money. It is not Sai's point of view, not forgetting his roots and wishing to help villagers, who get abused as they have no knowledge of the laws. Ratchanee meets a young man, Klai See, coming back from overseas study following her parents' arrangement. The teacher meets her friend there. In the countryside, older generation pay deep respect to officials (ราชการเป็นนาย). They should not… The subdistrict headman Sin claims to have title deed (โฉนดที่ดิน) and threatens to expel people living there for decades if they don't pay rent to him. They refuse and conflict happens. The chief district officer tries to find a middle solution and so is finally transferred. Sai promises to help as he is also a son of farmers. While walking along the river, Sai is shot and injured. He talks to the group of people he suspects to have shot him. He claims he has no hidden agenda and does not get paid for such a lawyer job. Ratchanee's parents are upset that Sai often visits their daughter. They call him Pisat (devil) and are worried he will corrupt their daughter with his ideas of equality, support for poor people etc... Her parents want her to marry Klai See, but she refuses. His lawyer colleague messes up a case and lies to the defendant. Later, the colleague invites Sai to meet the lawyer of the opposite side, but it is a corruption tentative. Sai refuses. The farmers were the one to transform the arid land into a garden for generations, so they deserve more than the small offering of the opposite side. The father invites Sai to a diner to announce Klai See and Ratchanee’s engagement. He also takes the opportunity to humiliate Sai, but he is the one humiliated. Sai has no wish to join a high-so family as they do represent the past. At nighttime, Ratchanee flees her home to be with Sai. She is ready to lose everything.

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