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Year: 1981

Thai title: ไข่ลูกเขย
English title:

Rating: 5/5
Director: Piak Poster

Main actor: Toon Hiransap,Sor Asanajinda,Lor Tok,Settha Sirachaya,Somchai Samipak,Noppadol Duangporn,Krong Kangkengdaeng
Main actress: Naowarat Yooktanun,Juree Osiri

Thai movie ไข่ลูกเขย was released in year 1981 and lasts 1h50mn. A remastered version was released by Five Star Production (ไฟว์สตาร์โปรดักชั่น) in the decade 2010s and shown on Thai TV cable. The movie was released under VCD format by Solar company. The movie director is Piak Poster. This is a social Romantic Comedy. Mother Juree Osiri wishes to marry her daughter Rose (Naowarat Yooktanun) to Jongsak (Settha Sirachaya), a rich but insipid man. Her husband is played by Somchai Samipak. Tuan (Toon Hiransap) is going to the village to bring improvements. He meets Rose as her car splashes him with mud. As her car refuses to start anymore, he forces her to apologize before bringing her by bicycle to the village. Tieng (Sor Asanajinda) is the village leader and father of Tuan. Tuan is seen as a crazy guy by many villagers. Rose takes her revenge by taking his clothes away while he is bathing in a stream. She forces him to apologize to get his clothes back. As the school headmaster has to go to the city for a meeting, Tuan is the one to help with the children. At that time, there was one teacher for all class levels! Rose realizes that Tuan is a clever man. He is hiding his real identity. Following a conference in Bangkok, Rose's mother is charmed by a young man protecting the poor farmers rights versus the rich Bangkokian society. Turn spends time with Lok Tok to understand his tricks to beat local administration. Noppadol Duangporn wishes to become the new village leader. At nighttime, Tuan hacks Rose's radio in order to sing a song. She tries to unveil him but cannot. Finally, Rose befriends with Tuan. Noppadol informs the mother Juree. Juree complains to Rose that she is coming from a wealthy family with a high status so she shouldn't befriend a farmer. The father Somchai Samipak tries to temporize his wife. Noppadol has an objective to replace Tieng so he goes to meet the chief district officer in the city, Tuan tricks them by emptying their petrol tank and puts a laxative in their drinking water. The next day, they try to get revenge, but Tuan is good at Karate. Meanwhile Rose finds papers and pictures showing the real identity of Tuan. Tuan claims he had no choice as villagers would not trust a civil servant from Bangkok. It was the only way to see the real village problems, the good and bad things done by villagers. They go for a walk and get stuck by a storm. Juree, the mother, coming to inspect her daughter, is then very worried. On the next day, she refuses her daughter Rose to come here again. Upset, Rose claims she sees people value by their achievements and not by their money. She claims Tuan and she are now wife and husband in order to stay in the village. The mother is upset as her daughter marries a poor farmer (คนบ้านนอก). Her husband, Somchai, knows the truth, but doesn't disclose it. Juree tries to bring back her daughter to her home, but she fails. As the village leader is reaching retirement, a new village leader has to be elected. Noppadol is facing Krong Kangkengdaeng. Krong is winning by far as he is more popular. There is a new bailiff (ปลัดอำเภอ) nominated in the area. It is Tuan! Through a good speech, he reminds villagers that he, as a civil servant, is here to serve them and not the opposite! Rose goes back to her home with Tuan. The mother is upset as he keeps singing. On the next day, Jongsak comes to flirt with Rose, but Tuan exits his room wearing a bailiff uniform. Tuan apologizes to the mother and discloses his real identity. The mother is now delighted that her daughter marries Tuan.

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