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Year: 1980

Thai title: นายอำเภอคนใหม่
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Phan Kam

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Sombat Methanee,Sor Asanajinda,Suchao Pongwilai
Main actress: Jarunee Sooksawad,Penpak Sirikul,Reuthairat Amatawanit

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In Northern Thailand, a district officer is shot in the back. He was fighting against illegal trees cut. It is the fourth officer killed on duty in five years. A new one (Sombat Methanee) is nominated. The new district officer understands very fast that a latent corruption happens and that local people (ชาวป่า) are expected to give gifts (chickens, daughter given as maid as a compensation of non paid debts...). The new district officer's adjoint is called Palat and is played by Suchao Pongwilai again with brio in the role of rogue officer. Sor Asanajinda plays the role of a brusque villager complaining indirectly regarding rampant corruption. His son Pol (Sorapong Chatree) is also very active. The minister who sent the district officer has problems with his own daughter, Nit (Jarunee Sooksawad), due to misunderstanding with his new wife. She leaves for the same village Daran Thong and becomes the local teacher. Nit has also medicine knowledge and has to face local fear of ghosts and sorcerer (หมอผี). Old people prefer using sorcerer instead of modern pills. Thanks to Nit and with Pol's leadership, the farmers ask for higher prices and debts resettlement to the trader. Local trader tries to corrupt the district officer but fails to do so. The corrupted subdistrict headman (กำนัน) and trader start to be very upset. They try to buy land as they know that a road will be built to the village but Pol asks villagers to refuse to sell. The subdistrict headman daughter Sophit is back from studying abroad. Palat is secretly fond of her. A young lady called Bukham is raped and killed by Palat. Palat accuses Pol with false proofs. Pol flees and discovers that many trees are cut illegally. Nobody speaks due to fear. The new district officer asks Pol to surrender if he is innocent. Pol's father is found hanged as he spoke too much (พูดประชด - พูดมาก) against corrupted officers. The adjoint uses local people to build the road at a cheaper price. Nit brings the villagers to the province officer to ask for full payments and she wins. Meanwhile Palat rapes the subdistrict headman daughter Sophit and strangles her. Pol's brother sees it and warns his brother. Sabin and Nit get attacked. Sabin is captured but Nit can flee. Nit and Pol come to help Sabin and bring Sophit's dead body to the subdistrict headman. This one wishes to kill Palat as revenge but gets shot before. Finally Palat gets smashed by a log in the illegal logging factory and the district officer helps to catch all ruffians. A school and hospital shall be built by the previous corrupting trader. The movie finishes happily, Nit is named school director (ครูใหญ่ใหม่), Pol is named new subdistrict headman (กำนันใหม่). This movie with social and meaningful messages also involves comedy and romance and not only pure drama. A new generation of government officials is here to replace the previous corrupted generation.

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