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Year: 2016

Thai title: ป่า
English title: The Forest

Rating: 4/5
Director: Paul Spurrier

Main actor: Asanee Suwan
Main actress: Thidarat Kongkaew

Thai movie The Forest / ป่า was released in year 2016 and lasts 1h44mn. Isan language is used in this movie, which features Thai language subtitles. Movie director is Paul Spurrier. Pricha (Asanee Suwan) is a new teacher arriving in a remote school in Isan area. He just disrobed 7 months ago. One of his students is named Ja (จ๋า) and is mute. Other kids dislike her. The school has three teachers, i.e. the headmaster (ครูใหญ่), a female teacher named Nitaya (Thidarat Kongkaew) and Pricha. Ja's house is inside the forest. Her father is retarded (ปัญญาอ่อน). She meets a naked boy (บอย) in the forest and is able to talk to him. He claims to be the forest spirit. Pricha understands Ja as he had a difficult childhood also. Nitaya mentions many children are not educated by their parents, who left to work in cities. They are educated by grandparents and sad issues do occur. As three girls keep teasing Ja, teacher Pricha punish them. One of them, called Wan, is the daughter of local subdistrict headman so he comes to complain at school. Pricha has to apologize. Nitaya warns Pricha not to have too much compassion (เมตตา) here as he will suffer. Society here is different from the Buddhist temple society he is used to. The headmaster warns Nitaya not to be too close to Pricha as he believes he won't stay long. Pricha wishes to help children to become good citizen. Two men enter in the forest to cut illegally trees. One of them is killed by the young boy. Pricha and Nitaya become lovers during a stormy night. Boy comes to find Ja also. The three girls tease Ja again as they hear Ja calling Boy. She hits one of them with a stone to be able to flee. The subdistrict headman complains to the school and the headmaster punishes Ja (ลองโทษ) despite Pricha disagreeing. Ja decides not to go to school again and she spends time in the forest with Boy. Nitaya has decided to quit school as she wishes another life but Pricha wishes to stay to help children. He apologizes for that night… Beauty of the forest and importance of the forest are featured in this movie (ทำลายป่า). Knowing that Wan always teases Ja, Boy kills her at nighttime. Ja’s father tells her that Boy is her brother, who died many years ago while saving his sister from drowning. The father got mad as his wife got suicide. The subdistrict headman decides to burn the forest, where Ja is living, as a revenge. Pricha cannot prevent him. Ja and Boy spirits are seen walking away...

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