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อิสรภาพของ ทองพูน โคกโพ
อิสรภาพของ ทองพูน โคกโพ

Year: 1985

Thai title: อิสรภาพของ ทองพูน โคกโพ
English title: Freedom of Citizen (Citizen II)

Rating: 5/5
Director: ChatriChalerm Yukol

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Suchao Pongwilai,Krailat Kriengkrai
Main actress:

It is the second opus of the movie Citizen. As the Citizen I movie's main actor has died, Sorapong Chatree was used instead. It is about Thongpoon Khokpoh, a convict going out of prison, and looking for his son. His son refuses to meet him as he was left over many years. His father was in prison and his mother lives abroad with a foreigner. Thongpoon wishes to get reunited with his son. The movie deals about the lack of freedom about ex prisoners, i.e. difficulty of reinsertion, difficulty to find a job, bad image - an old convict will always be a bad man. He sympathizes with a young girl, who is a pickpocket. People don't trust Thongpoon as he is former convict but he is also not trusting the young girl when she brings back money, thinking she has stolen it. A pickpocket will always be a thief. Thongpoon is a nice guy, never wishing to break rules, never lying or doing something against law. So people call him stupid or buffalo! Thongpoon has difficulty to find a job as he is too honest and always says he is a former convict. Once you're in jail, you're always in jail, in this society. Once you get out of jail, you are still branded by the evidence. He is still an outsider. Through a misunderstanding, he is also confronted to bad policemen (Suchao Pongwilai) who don't believe Thongpoon can seek redemption but the head of police trusts Thongpoon. When a car bumps him, he refuses to sue the car driver and blames his own careless mistake. Finally the car driver seeing his kindness recruits him in his restaurant for tourists. Unfortunately one of his former inmates abducts his son and threatens Thongpoon to hurt his son if Thongpoon doesn't kill his boss, who has an issue with local mafia. Thongpoon's choice is difficult and is put in analogy with an ongoing Ramayakian dance (Rama facing demons) in the restaurant. Finally Thongpoon simulates his boss' murder in order to be reunited with his son and has to work hand in hand with the policeman, who formerly looked down on him, to stop the gangsters. The policeman acknowledges his misjudment on Thongpoon. Thongpoon, his son and the young girl are leaving to Udon Thani. This film highlights conflicts between poor people (Thongpoon, the pickpocket girl), the government officials (policemen) and wealthy influential businessmen.

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