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Year: 1983

Thai title: ผู้แทนนอกสภา
English title: The MP outside the Parliament

Rating: 5/5
Director: Surasee Phatham

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Doo Dook Kradon,Supakorn Srisawat
Main actress:

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After successful studies in Bangkok, Boonchai (บุญชัย) represents his party for member of Parliament election in rural Northeast of Thailand. Many other candicates register to the election to become member of Parliament. There are candicates of important parties with impressive list of diploma they got abroad but can they understand the poor people problems? There is a candidate backed up by the government, who is spending a lot of money to have huge billboards and is offering free gifts with his voting number. There is a funny candidate that wishes to clean the political dirt with a broom and bring light to democracy with a lantern. Boonchai has left Isan many years to study in Bangkok and has gone through the 1976 revolution. He got voting number 8. He announced to his girlfriend, who is a teacher lady, that he is trying to become member of Parliament to help the local people but she is worried as politics is a difficult and dangerous matter in Thailand. Some candidates give money for people to buy alcohol, some others give free medicine to buy the hearts and votes of local people but they don't bother to discuss with them and listen to their problems. They just promise more gifts to come. The money they spend to buy vote, they will get it back when they are elected. Boonchai is visiting villagers also on his small motorbike but he has no gifts to offer. He is not coming only for one day to change farmers life by bringing gifts but with ideas for the next four years to change their life. One taxi driver, seduced by his program, offers Boonchai to drive him anywhere he wishes. The government candidate doesn't care to visit the people as the "stupid buffalo" farmers can be bought with money. Meanwhile other candidates compete on gifs and on the biggest speakers to make their voice louder. They look like more fruit sellers! Boonchai is a local child of the region so he knows the farmers problems. He eats same food as farmers, works with farmers and propose them solution to improve their daily life and revenue increase by shifting various cultures all over the year. Villagers like his project up to the point that he starts to be a real political threat to the candidate backed up by the government. This latter decides to use bad tactics, i.e. villagers are threatened that they will not receive subsidies any more if anybody in a village votes for him, Boonchai is also accused to be a communist. Finally he is beaten by 4 tough men but it makes him more popular as many villagers support him. He is comforted to fight against adversity. The evil candidate tries to use drunkards to disturb his political meetings but they are expelled by his supporters. The evil candidate plans an outdoor cinema projection in order to disturb Boonchai's meeting hoping that people would prefer entertainment to serious politics. But it fails also. The evil candidate decides to send a team to kill Boonchai at night time when he is back from late political meetings. He succeeds to escape to assassination and villagers protect him. People voice is growing against bad politicians. Villagers provide him a gun to defend him-self. The evil candidate decides to use a hitman to get rid of Boonchai. Boonchai dies but he still wins the election as local people vote massively for him. Good men disappear and corrupted men remain... This movie gives a real image of Thai politics thirty years ago. But did nowadays Thai politics really improve? Former PM and politician MR Kukrit Pramoj appeared in this movie. Mr Kukrit showed up briefly at the beginning of the film, playing a party leader who gives a talk to the candidates. Not long after that, a new law prohibited political parties from attracting votes by playing in films.

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