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พลฯ ทองดีใจซื่อ
พลฯ ทองดีใจซื่อ

Year: 1982

Thai title: พลฯ ทองดีใจซื่อ
English title:

Rating: 5/5
Director: ยอด มาลา

Main actor: Porjed Kaenpetch,Tuanton Kammeesri,Somchai Samipak,Krailat Kriengkrai,Wittaya Sukdamrong
Main actress: Moeifa,Anchalee Chaisiri

Thai movie พลฯ ทองดีใจซื่อ was released in year 1982 and lasts 1h43mn. It was released under VCD format by Lepso company. Movie director is ยอด มาลา. This is a social movie about Thai police (หนังสะท้อนชีวิต). Actors and actresses are Porjed Kaenpetch, Tuanton Kammeesri, Somchai Samipak, Krailat Kriengkrai, Moeifa, Montree Jenuksorn (มนตรี เจนอักษร), Wittaya Suk Damrong, Anchalee Chaisiri. The movie took place during Bangkok 200 years anniversary. Somchai Samipak welcomes a new promotion of fresh policemen including Thongdee, Samak, Krailat. They work in parallel with experienced policemen. Three addicts kidnap a child and ask for a car to flee. Child is released and Thongdee (Porjed Kaenpetch) even saves one of the ruffians jumping from the bridge. One policeman has seventeen years’ experience but never took bribes to make additional revenue (มือสะอาด) or additional job to make ends meet. Some policemen accept bribery and let truck drivers to go even if they committed infraction. Police inspector’s wife (Anchalee Chaisiri) doesn't follow law. Thongdee and his colleague have issues with her but her husband Tuanton Kammeesri agrees with the policemen’s actions. Tuanton Kammeesri got his position thanks to his wife. She is upset and is having an affair with drug addict. Krailat Kriengkrai is a policeman drinking alcohol. Thongdee and his colleague have issues with a child of a deputy. Rich kid believes relations can help them to avoid police. His mother is Moeifa (คุณหญิง). Even Thongdee’s boss is on Moeifa’s side and is blaming his own men. The deputy finally forces his wife and son to apologize. He blames the police boss saying that people, who build the country, are not the police inspector who stays in the air-conditioned room. Thongdee and nurse Duangjai are going to marry. Unfortunately, Thongdee is shot while police is trying to catch some robbers. Thongdee cannot speak anymore due to the injury and has to leave Thai police. Policeman salary (เงินเดือนหลวง) is very low. Two policemen families are living in a slum. One policeman, Samak, is fair. The other one is corrupted and gets extra money by getting money from citizen. Samak’s wife is fed up with her poor life and is seeing the corrupted policeman enjoying good life. Thai police help citizen and ensure law is applied (ระเบียบกฎหมาย). Police catches one deputy’s wife who was playing cards. Thai police helps a pregnant woman and a birth happens in a police car. Two Thai policemen save a lady wishing to get suicide as her husband has a minor wife. Finally, the corrupted policeman gets caught by his wife as he was having a minor wife, i.e. rich people problems... Samak is shot during a last mission before heading to his wife’s birthday. Krailat is also killed in front of Thongdee while trying to stop an altercation between small ruffians. This movie shows that they are good and dedicated Thai policemen to do their duty also and not only corrupted ones.

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