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Year: 1982

Thai title: ครูดอย
English title: Mountain teacher

Rating: 5/5
Director: Surasee Phatham

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Piya Trakulrard,Doo Dook Kradon
Main actress: Wassana Sitthiweth,Nanthida Kaewbuasai

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Thai movie ครูดอย was released in year 1982. It lasts 1h50mn. Four new teachers (including Piya Trakulrard, Doo Dook Kradon and Wassana Sitthiweth) are sent to Loei in a remote village located on a mountain. They are welcomed by indifferent villagers busy doing gambling (การพนัน). Teacher Sompong is already in the village. Sompong (Sorapong Chatree) indulges in alcohol (สุรา) as he feels useless. Only one monk is left in the village. Villagers seem to be very strong here (ไม่ร่วมมือ). Those new teachers teach children and adults. The school is very basic. Teacher Sompong made a pond for villagers to avoid getting water from far away. One part of the village is under influence of a ruffian managing an underground casino and wishing to undercut influence of the village headman and teacher Sompong. Wan (Nanthida Kaewbuasai) is worried about teacher Sompong. New teachers succeed to have villagers working to build new school by flattering the ruffian. They also finish teacher Sompong's task by bringing water in the village through bamboo pipes. The ruffian feels betrayed as the merit goes back to teacher Sompong. Some old people die because of cold. Teachers organise a concert donation (บริจาคคนจน) to get warm clothes for villagers. It is a success and such remote village gets awareness. Their next action is to convince village men to stop gambling. Tempting the luck (การเสี่ยงโชค) is the only hope of poor people. The teachers buy cheated dices to win village men’s money and have it reused to improve the school. Having no more pocket money, the village men keep drinking alcohol. One of the teachers simulates being sick because of the alcohol to convince them to stop drinking. Teachers convince villagers to work together and to prepare rice fields on mountains slopes. Wan is sick during rainy season and there is no more medicine. It is a nightmare to go to the nearest city and roads are stuck in the mud. There is no electricity in the village. Good weather is back. The teachers go to sell their products at the city. When they are back, Wan is dead. It is time for the four young teachers to be allocated to somewhere else. Teacher Sompong stays as he is a mountain teacher (ครูดอย) and villagers need him. Thanks to the teachers, villagers are now able to take care about themselves, take decision and do not rely on external help only. In this movie, director Surasee Phatham uses Isan music as background. His movie shows the dedication of the teachers going in remote areas with cold winter.

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