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Year: 1982

Thai title: ลูกอีสาน
English title: Son of the Northeast

Rating: 4/5
Director: Wichit Khunawut

Main actor: Krailat Kriengkrai,Tongchai Prasongsanti
Main actress: Sarinthip Siriwan,Sulaleewan Suwanthat

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It is about "ISAN" (อีสาน), area in the Northeast of Thailand. This is the poorest area in Thailand. This movie relates the life of Koon, a small boy living in a village. It is based on the book "A Child of the Northeast" ("LUK ISAN" - ลูกอีสาน) written by Kampoon Boontawee. It has won Thailand's first SEAW ite Award in 1979. The film is shot in Lao language. It shows the harsh life of Isan farmers. Some villagers are leaving the area due to drought. Remaining villagers have to quest for water every day. Raining is not coming so a cat ceremony is organized. Water is thrown to an encaged cat in order that his shouts make the rain deity to take pity on him. Monks are the advisors of the communauty and children go to schools located inside temples. Village shops are held by Vietnamese and Chinese people who argue together to sell goods to local people. Koon's family is setting up a caravan to go to the Mun river and stock fishes for a few months. Koon learns hunting skills from his father. Koon's cousin has to marry swiftly as her parents found she spent a whole night with one young man. Molam singers visit the village bringing joy and news from the outside world. An old woman is lamenting on her future as her husband is dead and her daughter only wishes to quit the village and its harsh life. This movie is winner of several international awards and was selected for the 1983 Berlin Film Festival. This movie is part of the first 25 films heritage list announced on October 4 2011, which is Thai Movies Conservation Day.

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