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Year: 1976

Thai title: สัตว์มนุษย์
English title:

Rating: 5/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Krung Srivilai,Jamroon Nuatjim
Main actress: Aranya Namwong,Piathip Kumwong

Chot (Sorapong Chatree) and his sister Choi (Aranya Namwong) are children of poor farmers. Chot loves Soi, who is the subdistrict headman's daughter (กำนัน). They love each other but Chot cannot have any hope as he is too poor (เด็กเรียนควาย). Chot helps his sister Choi as she was going to be raped by three ruffians (สัตว์นรก!) that are protected by the local subdistrict headman. Saeng, son of the subdistrict headman, requests a young lady called Bua as a payment for her mother's debt. Bua takes refuge in Chot's father home. Meanwhile Chot is arrested as he hit earlier the three ruffians. It is unfair and the family has no money to pay the bail (ประกัน). The father needs to ask a local Chinese moneylender for 10 000 baht to pay the bail. There are always issues between Saeng and Chot. Saeng would like to kill Chot. One night, Saeng's ruffians rob the 10 000 baht reimbursement and kidnap Bua. The subdistrict headman and village headman are not helpful to poor people. The village headman prevents Chot and other men to look after the ruffians as Chot shot one of the robbers. Bua is then found dead. Choi is very upset as Bua's death is due to the village headman (ผู้ใหญ่บ้าน) inactivity and his refusal to take responsability (ไม่รับผิดชอบ) as he prefers to help rich people only. As the headman hits her sister, Chot, in full anger, shots him and then needs to flee. Chai is the local Chinese moneylender's son. He is no respect for others. Chai (ลูกเศรษฐี) tries to shoot birds in a Buddhist temple despite the abbot's request to stop. Chot, who took refuge in this temple, prevents him to do so as a temple shall remain a peaceful haven. If we accept human sins, what kind of future will Buddhism have? (ถ้าเรายอมให้มนุษย์ทำบาป ศาสนาจะมีอนาคตอะไร). Pliu, future lawyer, promises to marry Choi. Chot succeeds to get back the 10 000 bath from Saeng (ตอบแทนความชั่ว). The father refuses the money believing his son is now a brigand (โจร). Heavy floods happen. All crops are devasted. The father has no more money to invest in new crops. Be good and there is nothing good happening to them (ความดีไม่เอาแล้ว). The father receives 3000 bath to plant new crops but Choi must accept to be the moneylender's domestic helper (เป็นขี้ข้าดอกเบี้ย). As Chot was injured, he cannot help. Only the Buddhist abbot helps him. Choi is drugged by the moneylender and raped. Then she is forced by Chai. She fell in hell (ตกนรก). She supports this situation as respect to her father (กตัญญูสำหรับพ่อ). Tia, the moneylender, likes Choi very much and decides to take her as minor wife. She accepts in order to remove her father's debt but this one doesn't understand his daughter (sent her to be a maid and not a wife - ส่งให้เป็นแม่บ้านไม่ได้ส่งให้เป็นเมีย) and decides to stop any relationship with her (ไม่มีลูกสาวแล้ว, คนอยู่ละโลก, ผู้หญิงขายตัว). Money has destroyed his world and family. The father has a heart attack and dies. Choi is now pregnant. Most likely the father is Chai and not Tia, the father. Tia's wife puts everybody under his own responsibility. Wishing to do good one time in his life, Tia promises to give a house and one million bath for Chai to marry Choi (ฮี่ควาย). Saeng then threathens to kill Tua if he doesn't handover a bus line. Rich and influent people are sinful (สัตว์มนุษย์) behaving worst than animals. Finally Tia asks Choi to convince Chot to give a lesson to Saeng versus a promise to help Chot against authorities. During the fight Saeng accidentally dies. Chot surrenders (มอบตัว) and is finally forgiven by the tribunal thanks to lawyer Pliu. Choi continues to behave badly with no respect, no care for anybody except himself. He finally has a business conflict with Tia and dies, being shot by Soi. This movie has a deranging question regarding karma. People who do good and follow up Buddhist precepts are the poor losers. The moneylender, the subdistrict headman's family do not follow the law and are the one reaping the profit. Is it worth to be always good people when injustice prevails? Actor Sorapong Chatree got a best Thai actor award for this movie.

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